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ON  Article - The Prophecy Meta Snapshot1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   0
I completely overlooked Tyr! Sorry... Will put him in on my next chance to edit.

I also should have been more clear in my article that this is less of a ranking of power level of the prophecies and more a ranking of which ones are played the most. The breakdowns at the bottom of each tier are just my attempt to explain why I think those cards see so much play. I wouldn't presume to think I know exactly which prophecies are most powerful, so I leaned more on the # of decks and meta decks they appeared in to make these rankings. I would like to say that I originally did have Moonlight Werebat in Tier 1 in my rough draft, but bumped him down following the announcement of the nerf. If it doesn't affect his playability he will probably go back up.



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