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strength agility Lethal Archer (updated)
By: pautz
strength agility Lethal Archer, RCC Edition
By: pautz
strength agility pautz Top50 Cycle Archer
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agility intelligence pautz Item Shackle Assassin
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intelligence willpower pautz Control Prophecy Mage (incl. CC)
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ON  Deck - Altar Assassin 20.12.20161 year ago +1
Elusive Schmer is the most important card in the deck. They have so much synergy in the deck and they are your most reliable win condition. I would definitely not cut them.
ON  Deck - Prophecy Assassin. 1 year ago +1
I am playing a similar version atm, which does suprisingly good in the current meta. I use Ransacks (yes, the card is bad in a vacuum, but it gives the deck a little bit more reach) instead of Stalkers, Dres Renegades over Schemers (but that depends on the meta, against Control, Schemer is obviously the choice) and Giant Snakes instead of Ungolim, Sword and one Atro.

Another reason why I omit Schemers (and Ungolim) is that you shuffle additional cards in your deck (which are pretty good when drawn, without a doubt), which decreases your potential to draw prophecies off rune breaks or Fate Weavers. It's just a minimal decrease, but it may be the difference between winning and losing against aggressive decks. Again: in a Control heavy meta, I'll definitely go for those choices.

ON  Deck - LEGENDARY DECK SPOTLIGHT - Charcher1 year ago +1
I experimented with ChArcher decks as soon as the Madhouse collection was released, because of Illusory Mimic. I saw that card as more burst potential and getting this with Charge, Drain and Guard is just insane. On the other hand, it always felt bad when I had to rely on the procs.

With 12 Chargers, you are having a 57% chance of hitting Mimic with Charge, but that card is probably too expensive. The charge count could be increased by running Vipers over Spinners and Bats over Kinsmans to get the chance up to 75%, but the downside of this is running those cards.

Probably, Mimic does not interact well with the plan this deck tries to execute.
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ON  Deck - pautz Top50 Cycle Archer1 year ago 0
Hey. You can find some on my twitch Channel twitch.tv/pautz3141
It is not at legend ladder, but rather the first part of my climb. The last few ranks and the Top50 push, I made off-stream, since I am fairly new to streaming and I could concentrate better when playing off-stream. I also did not record the games, but I should definitely do that in the future. The comments are in German though.
ON  Deck - pautz Top50 Cycle Archer1 year ago 0
Yeah, but as you said: I lose the cycle. I do not care about the prophecy from Sharpshooter, since I want to be ahead in life, and I achieve this by keeping their board as clean as possible while pushing damage myself. The deck's purpose is to cycle into your threats as fast as possible to close out games.

I do agree that the Cultist is a great card, especially in some Archer lists, but not in this one.



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