ON  Deck - Aggro Keyword Assassin 3 weeks ago 0
ON  Deck - Therana is the Night Mother2 months ago -1
Why Flaming Breath? Misclick?
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ON  Deck - Luxury Gauntlet: Aggro Empire2 months ago +1
16 wins in 2 runs. Thanks!
ON  Deck - ДраконоЛучник Аквамена3 months ago 0
Аквамен слился из теслы. Вероятно, колод от него больше не будет.
ON  Deck - ДраконСиродил Аквамена3 months ago +1
Lets do it.
ON  Deck - SoS Squish OTK4 months ago 0
Stantron wrote:
Probably Stealer of Secrets + Ornamented Sword + Squish the Wimpy
thank you
ON  Deck - SoS Squish OTK5 months ago 0
Where is OTK?
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