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ON  News - ISLE OF MADNESS: CARD REVEAL #133 weeks ago 0
Luzrah is going to become the Haunted Manor for Dagoth decks.
ON  Deck - THE UNBREAKABLE WALL - 100% WR from 2 TO LEGEND6 days ago Edited 6 days ago   0
I saw a similar deck that was based more around the East Empire Crafter using 2-drop Siege Catapult's to build up cheap defenses.

I believe this was the deck.

Played with a version of your deck and I could see how it works and I like it. However, I didn't have much luck with it because I felt it didn't have enough cards that dealt with high priority targets. Good possibility I played it wrong. Felt very reliant on gaining health and large guard targets. I wasn't getting the right cards out for strong health gains and vs control decks my large guards were falling down easily.



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