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willpower strength [Theorycraft] Let's go Fatigue!
By: drakkar
endurance intelligence [Theorycraft] 100% Win-Ratio Mill Sorcerer Kappa
By: drakkar
strength agility Face Archer
By: drakkar
neutral HoS Neutral deck
By: drakkar

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ON  News - New Card Revealed: Corsair Ship and Corsair1 year ago +1
Not as slow as Wrothgar Forge, I like it :P
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ON  Card - Astrid1 year ago +2
I think Ocheeva will be better than Astrid. She's Argonian, so will be alright for greens tho.
ON  Deck - Tyrs For Giant Fears1 year ago 0
How about Childs of Hircine instead of Sentinels, if I don't have these?
ON  News - New Card Revealed: Spear of Embers1 year ago 0
1241Mage wrote:
it can not only save you by prophecy it can also give you lethal.
Thee same thing does Ransack and it's seen nowhere.
Little Girl IMO is too fragile in ranked, but in Arena looks not as bad as it could. And Stealer looks nice only in decks with lots of spells, like Mage. For the rest is a little bit too slow.



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