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Abomination Flesh Atro OTK
By: Levan Bitadze
Altar Atronach Telvanni
By: Levan Bitadze
endurance willpower Mid Moose Spellsword
By: Levan Bitadze
endurance intelligence Mid-Range Sorcerer
By: Levan Bitadze
endurance willpower Summerset Shieldmage Spellsword
By: Levan Bitadze

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ON  News - Alliance War: Complete Spoiler List!2 months ago +2
Wait a second, don't we already have Ayrenn as a card?
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ON  News - Moons of Elsweyr Announcement6 days ago +1
We all know they made this expansion just to have something to say about legends at e3, two pack-based expansions with not even two months between them is too much. I think they should've released a new story expansion instead of alliance war and save alliance war for e3.
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ON  News - APRIL 2019: MONTHLY REWARD: Seasoned Captain1 month ago Edited 1 month ago   +1
This might see play in Covenant decks, there's a healthy amount of rally creatures in both, Strength and Endurance.
ON  Deck - Deck 0381 month ago 0
why are you building singleton decks without masterwork, dragon priest and siege?
ON  Article - A Nerf Done Wrong, And What Should Have Been1 month ago 0
Good to hear someone enjoyed it. Now lets hope someone from Sparkypants reads this and makes mastermind playable again 😁



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