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Abomination Flesh Atro OTK
By: Levan Bitadze
Altar Atronach Telvanni
By: Levan Bitadze
endurance willpower Mid Moose Spellsword
By: Levan Bitadze
agility intelligence Reactive Consume Assassin
By: Levan Bitadze
endurance intelligence Mid-Range Sorcerer
By: Levan Bitadze

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ON  News - Alliance War: Complete Spoiler List!4 months ago +2
Wait a second, don't we already have Ayrenn as a card?
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ON  News - Moons of Elsweyr Complete Spoiler1 month ago Edited 1 month ago   +1
Why did we get two dual color legendries? If you make ones for spellsword and monk, why not go for all classes? And I'm sure I've seen the artwork for Arise somewhere else before.
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ON  News - Moons of Elsweyr Announcement2 months ago +1
We all know they made this expansion just to have something to say about legends at e3, two pack-based expansions with not even two months between them is too much. I think they should've released a new story expansion instead of alliance war and save alliance war for e3.
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ON  News - APRIL 2019: MONTHLY REWARD: Seasoned Captain3 months ago Edited 3 months ago   +1
This might see play in Covenant decks, there's a healthy amount of rally creatures in both, Strength and Endurance.
ON  Deck - Deck 0383 months ago 0
why are you building singleton decks without masterwork, dragon priest and siege?



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