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strength endurance Silence Warrior
By: L.Krieger
Doomcrag Covenant Warrior
By: L.Krieger
Mannimarco Necromancy Supremacy
By: L.Krieger
intelligence willpower Mage control
By: L.Krieger
agility intelligence Therana's Market combo
By: L.Krieger

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ON  Deck - Guildsworn institute of antifun5 months ago +5
Seems like a troll get pissed about the deck archetype and now is downvoting random comments for no reason..
Grow up kid.
ON  News - Upcoming Balance Changes2 months ago Edited 2 months ago   +2
Some nerfs in this list are wrong in so many ways, like Hlaalu Oathman (it was just a 'fine' card in term of starts, but now it can be destroyed with the weakest action/creature of the opponent..), also Lillandril Hexmage and Dawnbreaker, lots of popular decks like aggro assassin/mage (that specifically in general relies purely in such card as win condition ), some Hlaalu and some other midrange should need big changes to compensate the gap and the mana curve..
The case with defiler as so many have said before is that the devs added too many ways to trigger its effect that it became OP just by the combos it now can do, and to compensate such thing he had to became another useless card.
Some cards as Namira's Shrine and Transitus Shrine still playable, but the overall thing is really a big mess.
ON  News - APRIL 2019: MONTHLY REWARD: Seasoned Captain4 months ago +2
1stVampire wrote:
Does that mean, I need a creature AND a item in my hand? If I only have an item, I don't rally it?


ON  News - Balance Changes for Patch 2.86 months ago +1
warmcolour wrote:
How I will miss Mastermind. I don't think the art makes sense anymore either as we aren't discarding. Most of the other 3 cost draw cards have an additional effect to drawing be it last gasp, break a rune or pilfer - I hope they make it spicier.
Same thing i had thought. And thats is the 2nd time they nerfed Indoril, he was an 3/1 at houses of Morrowind release. Shame.
ON  Deck - Two-drops + Conscription = Deck5 months ago Edited 5 months ago   +5
It's called "EXPORT", on the right side of the page scrolling down the mouse..
Here's the link:




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