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strength endurance Silence Warrior
By: L.Krieger
Doomcrag Covenant Warrior
By: L.Krieger
Mannimarco Necromancy Supremacy
By: L.Krieger
intelligence willpower Mage control
By: L.Krieger
agility intelligence Therana's Market combo
By: L.Krieger

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ON  Deck - Guildsworn institute of antifun2 months ago +5
Seems like a troll get pissed about the deck archetype and now is downvoting random comments for no reason..
Grow up kid.
ON  News - APRIL 2019: MONTHLY REWARD: Seasoned Captain1 month ago +2
1stVampire wrote:
Does that mean, I need a creature AND a item in my hand? If I only have an item, I don't rally it?


ON  News - Balance Changes for Patch 2.82 months ago +1
warmcolour wrote:
How I will miss Mastermind. I don't think the art makes sense anymore either as we aren't discarding. Most of the other 3 cost draw cards have an additional effect to drawing be it last gasp, break a rune or pilfer - I hope they make it spicier.
Same thing i had thought. And thats is the 2nd time they nerfed Indoril, he was an 3/1 at houses of Morrowind release. Shame.
ON  Deck - Two-drops + Conscription = Deck1 month ago Edited 1 month ago   +4
It's called "EXPORT", on the right side of the page scrolling down the mouse..
Here's the link:

ON  News - APRIL 2019: MONTHLY REWARD: Seasoned Captain1 month ago Edited 1 month ago   +1
Combining it with Balmora Captain to give both a creature and an item an rally 2 should be a thing.



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