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Paarthurnax Pact
By: William Young

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ON  Card - Abnur Tharn9 months ago +2
He"s a powerful mage and one of the best legends to come about , a good combo of ''summon'' creatures and your opponent will have to do the right thing & that is "to conceed". i would like to try him out with Summon Tribunal.
ON  Card - Vanus Galerion9 months ago Edited 9 months ago   +1
If Miraak steals this, instant conceeed :(, it can win you the game in 2turns or 1, rally Vanus as much as you can, cause 3/3 is not so enticing
ON  Card - Abnur Tharn9 months ago +1
After Abnur infused the Vestige with divine power with the Amulet of Kings, he helped the remaining Companions reach safety. After this he fled with the Amulet and returned to the Imperial City to attempt to harness the Amulet's power. According to Meridia, the relic's power will be dormant for several generations, and Abnur will not succeed, but will try nonetheless.
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ON  Card - Abnur Tharn8 months ago +2
Yes any creature ,even your opponents cards.!! i once used an opponents Ancano "summon effect.
ON  Card - Guildsworn Honeytongue9 months ago 0
It sounds as good as its name lol



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