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Paarthurnax Pact
By: William Young

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ON  Card - Vanus Galerion4 months ago Edited 4 months ago   +1
If Miraak steals this, instant conceeed :(, it can win you the game in 2turns or 1, rally Vanus as much as you can, cause 3/3 is not so enticing
ON  Card - Abnur Tharn4 months ago +1
He"s a powerful mage and one of the best legends to come about , a good combo of ''summon'' creatures and your opponent will have to do the right thing & that is "to conceed". i would like to try him out with Summon Tribunal.
ON  Card - Abnur Tharn3 months ago +2
Yes any creature ,even your opponents cards.!! i once used an opponents Ancano "summon effect.
ON  Card - Guildsworn Honeytongue4 months ago 0
It sounds as good as its name lol
ON  Card - Ayrenn, Dominion Queen4 months ago 0
Isn't she the same card as ayrenn of mage Guild dual attribute?
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