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strength endurance Updated Legend Sprint to Revenge
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ON  Deck - [#1 Legend April 2019] Conscription Empire4 months ago +3
Really cool deck! Unfortunately its now infuriating as well because EVERYONE is playing it... I just played 4 matches in a row against variations of this deck...

ON  Deck - Fleeting Apparition Legend Ramp (Updated)2 months ago +4
My Current Version has 3 Harpies in it. They help early game vs Aggro, and provide synergies with Fleeting. Did you know that if you draw a Tavyar/Ryvat with Theives Guild Recruit, the cost of both is reduced by 1! I will post my current version today. Thanks for the comments!

ON  Deck - Fleeting Apparition Legend Ramp (Updated)3 months ago +6
I completely agree on the Necro's but have had a hard time working them in. I guess, I could sub out a Spirit Knife or two. I completely agree on the lack of 2 Drops, this decks weakness is aggro when it does not draw its early removal. The problem is that all the two drops I want to add either do not work with Fleeting Apparition, or dilute what Fleeting Apparition pulls. I experimented with Poisoned Dagger but was not blown away. Let me know if you have any ideas. Harpy is another one I have thought about, it works with fleeting, can slow down and exchanges well with aggro. If I Fleeting with no creature on board and draw a Harpy it will shackle then I can kill it to draw again... not horrible.

Emperor Titus is Ehh for me. I like him because he does not get killed by ice storm or debilitate, and his ability is A+++ if he is allowed to stick around for a couple turns. I could def pull him for another Piercing Twilight (Especially with all the Ebonheart trash in the ladder).

Lucien is actually incredible for me... I either play him on Turn 4, when I have a Fleeting Apparition in my hand, or I hold to pair with a Black Hand Messenger drop (creating a 2/4 Drain that they have to waste a card to get rid of).

The 3 Spirit Knives look clunkey, but honestly this deck ramps up so quickly, its rare that I have one in my hand and cannot play it, or wish it were something else. Its greed is nice as well!

I appreciate the feedback and will try a version of Necro and 2 drops. I was going to try to finish top 100 this month but I keep getting distracted and wanting to test decks out which drops my ranking... Oh well.

ON  Deck - Updated Legend Sprint to Revenge2 months ago +2
Yeah... I actually built this deck because I thought that Pilgrim was a cheap demonic tutor when used correctly. Unfortunately it is slow, and with all the banish and silence in meta right now to deal with the Ebonhart. A deck with a theme of pulling Sower 2-3 times is not viable. I altered the deck to make it more competitive in the current stage of the game. I still think my Spirit Rage Aggro, and Guildsworn Aggro are better decks and have taken this one out of my rotation :-(
ON  Deck - June #6, July #3, Aug #3 finish, mid telvani2 months ago +2
Great Deck! Nice to see more mid telvani




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