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ON  Card - Guildsworn Honeytongue4 months ago +3
Wait, Expertise triggers at the end of turn. Wouldn't that make this card utter garbage? One cannot do anything to mitigate the drawbacks of giving this card to one's opponent!
ON  Card - Guildsworn Apprentice4 months ago +1
Because Argonian maids must be lusty, just as lord Todd mandateth.
ON  Card - Vanus Galerion4 months ago +1
This card is game breakingly good if it survives a turn after the first, but I'm wayyyy too paranoid of Miraak and its evil yellow mind-controlling ilk to ever play Vanus Galerion comfortably.

Interestingly, this card is an indirect buff to Barilzar's Tinkering, since there are only four 11 cost creatures in the game, and also Vanus Galerion automatically triggers that turn if he is summoned via Tinkering.
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ON  Card - Seething Flesh Golem3 months ago Edited 3 months ago   +1
I've just had the pleasure of getting one of these from Dark Anchor, and the effect of Seething Flesh Golem triggers before the actual attack is resolved; that is to say:
1. This card does not take damage from attacking a creature that dies to the AoE damage, meaning it can ignore Lethal and effects like Dark Seducer, provided that Seething Flesh Golem has enough Attack Power to kill the target creature with just the AoE effect.
2. The main target, if and only if it survives the AoE damage, is actually attacked, effectively taking damage from Seething Flesh Golem twice.
1. Drain, Lethal,and Breakthrough apply to the AoE damage.
2. Even if the main target dies from the AoE, Seething Flesh Golem cannot attack again.
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ON  Card - Zumog Phoom1 month ago +2
This card is on a similar power level with Abnur Tharn, both being incredibly versatile, and allowing for some very satisfying and creative plays...

I LOVE me some cards like this one - can be very powerful, but also require some electric output from your noggin!!
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