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ON  Card - Guildsworn Honeytongue9 months ago +4
Wait, Expertise triggers at the end of turn. Wouldn't that make this card utter garbage? One cannot do anything to mitigate the drawbacks of giving this card to one's opponent!
ON  Card - Call Dragon1 month ago +2
Paarthurnax cannot give you this card, despite this card being a shout.
To test this, I have summoned Paarthurnax 59 times (since this card's release), and have gotten Call Dragon zero times. There are 7 shout cards in the game, including Call Dragon. 59 Paarthies gave me a total of 177 shout cards, and the chance for me to have not gotten Call Dragon, assuming it was due to bad luck only, would be (1.4E-10)%, or 0.00000000014%....
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ON  Card - Call Dragon1 month ago +2
Here is the list of all of the dragons that can be summoned, with Lv.1: summons divided into 'Fast' (immediate effect on the board) and 'other'.
It seems that Lv.1 is the most unreliable (each possible summons do very different things and vary the most in power level), Lv.2 is the most reliable (all cards can help in a pinch), and Lv.3, the most powerful (Duh)

Call Dragon Lv.1 (11 cards):
Fast (5 cards) : Glacial Dragon, Icewing Dragon, Shearpoint Dragon, Skyborn Dragon,Wildfire Dragon
Other (6 cards) : Echo of Akatosh, Spine of Eldersblood, Undying Dragon, Dovah of the Voice, Ironscale Dragon, Nahagliiv

Call Dragon Lv.2 (4 cards) : Skeletal Dragon, Swiftwing Dragon, Frostscale Dragon, Mulaamnir

Call Dragon Lv.3 (3 cards) : Kaalgrontiid, Odahviing, Paarthurnax

* AFAIK, Alduin needs to already exist (deck, hand, discard pile) in the game to have its cost reduced at all. Therefore, Alduin cannot be summoned at all using Call Dragon
ON  Card - Faded Wraith3 months ago Edited 3 months ago   +3
Idk about y'all, but I reckon there's a strong rally tempo deck somewhere around here, just waiting to be made...
ON  Card - Guildsworn Apprentice9 months ago +1
Because Argonian maids must be lusty, just as lord Todd mandateth.



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