jbelowheaven in a few Words:
i like to make meme decks that go 1-0 for that 100% win-rate record to retire them with.
Assassin is my favorite class and ive tried to main it since closed beta!
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strength intelligence WispSkeever/Cycle battlemage
By: jbelowheaven
agility intelligence Prophecy Assassin.
By: jbelowheaven
agility willpower IT'S AN ACTUAL ZOO PogChamp
By: jbelowheaven
agility intelligence Altar In Chains (FDB UPDATED)
By: jbelowheaven
intelligence willpower prophecy aggro mage
By: jbelowheaven

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ON  Deck - Altar In Chains (FDB UPDATED)2 years ago +1
oh dang! love your channel dude! many thanks for trying out the deck. i have a few kinks to work out with it and to see it in action will really help my decisions. thanks again! :)
ON  Deck - WispSkeever/Cycle battlemage 2 years ago +1
huh... i could combine this with an otk deck... ill tempt the fates >:)
ON  Deck - swindlers assassin: the I'm Sorry deck2 years ago 0
good thing theres not a lot of control right now ;)
ON  Deck - altar control mage (theory craft) 2 years ago 0
idk about ashlander, but ill test it. balmora and blast are definitely good suggestions though!
ON  Deck - altar warrior (theory craft) 2 years ago 0
honestly neither am i. i dont want to use it because it just seems to clutter, but other than amulet this deck is short on healing and altar decks from my experience need healing. altar without Agility hurts to think of ideas for lol



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