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endurance intelligence Very budget sorcerer
By: Dovahloops

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ON  Card - Laaneth1 year ago +9
Expensive, but a very strong and unique ability. A must have in any combo deck
ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY CARD REVEAL #181 year ago +2
But still two for one. It's the problem with weakness and this kind of effects. At least a -1/-1 can kill something, weakness doesn't.
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ON  Deck - J'Zargo/Merric Mid Prophecy1 year ago +1
J'zargo is in, so it can Just be a great deck ;)
ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY CARD REVEAL #181 year ago +1
A solid vampire, can make a spot in some control deck.
Weakness is not great in my opinion, because it need something else to kill, a trade or another card.
ON  Deck - Merric's Orcs 80% WR Legend2 years ago 0
Pretty nice build, but I have one question about Merric's gameplay. Usualy he's seen with lowcost minions to play with in the same turn. Do you think it's ok to play Merric naked and hope he survives to create value ? Or do you wait until turn 8-9-10 to play both Merric and a minion ?
Sorry for my english ^^



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