ON  Card - Bitterfish Witch2 weeks ago 0
I love a good fishwich.
ON  Deck - Support Mage reborn1 month ago 0
I tried out your deck and found SO many Tribunal opponents, seriously! Of course they run Edict, but as you said, they waste them on creatures. I only played four games so far with three against Tribunal, but I only lost the one against mono-neutral. I can't say any one card has been an outstanding performer, they just all work well together. Thank you.
ON  Deck - Aggro SMOrc warrior1 month ago Edited 1 month ago   +1
9/0 in the Rumble Gauntlet with this deck. Thanks!

Make that twice! Two Rumble runs going 9 and 0. Rank 83 at the moment.

And Ash Berserkers were fine.
ON  News - Patch Note 1.72.41 year ago 0
Hah, some people really butthurt about the nerf. I got downvoted. XD
ON  Deck - Assassin Dwemer1 year ago +4
Hit of the Masters qualifier!

ON  News - Patch Note 1.72.41 year ago +3
H'laalu Oathman was the bigger issue. Otherwise, good solutions. And may be interesting with Vadem now? Looking forward to see what happens.
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ON  Deck - 100% winrate Barbasvanni1 year ago 0
Great deck. Got a sub for Barbas? I have him but can't bring myself to play that crap. Kappa
ON  Deck - Phase 21 year ago 0
Seems good! :thumbsup:
ON  Deck - Morrowind's shapeshifters1 year ago 0
Your English is at least as good as many native speakers. I wouldn't think you need apologize anymore. hehe I've been looking for a good beast deck to complete the quest daily, and this is as good as I've discovered so far.
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ON  Deck - CoreyMilhouse's Combo Assassin1 year ago 0
Helrik_Donovan wrote:
As you requested, I've posted above an explanation of the winning lethal combo activation and the CVH's game-play footage of this deck.

Have fun! :)
Cheers mate!