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ON  Deck - Corsair Voice Assassin1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
Yeah I always try to pair Schemers with Skulks as you get extra value from both and it helps adding pressure. Schemers are squishy, but it's 3(+daggers) damage on board and card draw for free every time you get one with a Skulk. It helps both agressive and control strategies (with a Wispmother on a control deck the card draw is brutal as they get duplicated).

The card you're not convinced is Daggerfall Mage I assume? They're very useful on early turns against agressive Red and Purple decks as it can either contest multiple high attack low health creatures from red or outgrind sturdy purple early drops. The tomes are useful for cycling and trading and synergize very well with the Blackhand Messengers to get more healing. They're weak against curse based strategies or execute, but they help a lot on some matchups that prove to be tough if you can't contest early.
ON  Deck - #1 Legend Wispmother Tempo3 years ago Edited 3 years ago   +1

Upcomming balance changes hit the deck a bit hard:

- Tazkad can only be duplicated if it's previously affected by a Thieves Guild Recruit draw and then by the Marshal.

- Marshal + Wispmother combo comes one turn later in the curve.

- Murkwater Savage can no longer be duplicated by the wispmother, it still benefits from other creatures being duplicated around him though.
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ON  Deck - #1 Legend Wispmother Tempo3 years ago +1
Very good concept and explanation, I'm trying to construct a slightly modified version of this one:

- Including Queen Barenziah instead of Quin'Rawl Burglar. Mostly because I got her as a level up Dunmer reward and I want to try her. I really like the Burglar and I use it in other decks, but I think the Queen can have a very positive effect on this one, making a line of minions stop incoming face damage and being able to drain 6 points next turn for a +12 HP gap if she hits the opponent can be huge for the Marshals to trigger their effect. The Burglars can be really strong but they need an extra turn to be difference makers and more planning to make sure they're not taking out too soon. For just 4 magicka and how this deck is made, I want to try the Queen.

- 3 Blacksap Protectors instead of the Telvanni Arcanists. I like prophecy guards, the 3 damage for a guard is good (mostly the reason why I pick them instead of the 2/4 blue Camlorn Sentinel) and can prevent the attack from even taking place plus I usually don't like "get a random card" effects because you can't plan on what's going to give you.

- 3 Elusive Schemers instead of the 3 Deshaan Avengers. I really like cycle cards and I think these guys go really well with the Wispmother once they've triggered their last gasp: If you draw it again you get 2 or more 4/1 on the board plus an extra card draw for each duplicate (and each duplicate on death will give another try at this). At no magicka cost. With Ungolim Assassins triggering too and other draw cards in the deck it looks like it could get really nasty, trading full boards and being able to fill again.

- No Dragon Priest: Cost of the card (both in magicka and gems) and trying to get room for another thing makes me exclude this one for my version.

- 1 less Murkwater Shaman: I like the card but 2 is about right to get free curses without overcrowding your hand. Also needed 1 extra spot.

- 2 Soul Split: This is basically an experiment and I don't know if it will work, but technically the 3/2 bodies summoned by this card cost 2 (they can be returned to your hand by some effects) so my theory is that with a Wispmother active, you magically get 4 of them instead of 2 (6 for a full board with 2 wispmothers). If this doesn't work I would replace them. They also help giving an use to late game Brutal Ashlander draws, but used Thieves Guild Recruit and Wardcrafter are also good targets.

Cards that I considered but decided to exclude:

- The Shrieking Harpy instead of the Wardcrafter, mostly because it's another prophecy attack stopper, but without the Wardcrafter I would need to make room for the Lesser Ward spell and I didn't want to remove more cards. Plus the Wardcrafter has good synergy with the Wispmother while the spell doesn't. I don't contemplate not including any form of Ward as it can be really useful for the Wispmothers, the Queen and even some trades with high damage minions.

- The Goblin Skulk to further optimize the Elusive Schemers, but I feel like there is enough card drawing and cycling in the deck for them to work fine and the Skulks aren't so good by themselves, specially when you're filling the board with clones and need to replace the worse minions with stronger ones. Also it would take some time before their effect is important as I'm not using any other 0 cost card after deciding to not include Lesser Ward.

Still need some gems to finish it but I want to give this concept a try. On paper it looks like it could get the board and hand full all the time if it snowballs correctly and you could even afford to make bad trades because there will be space to occupy those spots.
ON  Deck - Corsair Voice Assassin1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +2
Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I'm still playing the deck, as you say Corsair Ships are a real need, but so far the times where I can't get their conditions are balanced by how brutal a 9/8 on turn 4 (ring for turn 3 ship, 0 cost curse to meet conditions) can be. That's the thing about Voice, without conditions isn't too good.

That said, a lot of decks play the Mystic Dragon and it's arguably harder to proc his benefit (being free as a prophecy proc) than setting up Voice, and without their text both are 4 cost 4/4. Personally I like having these kind of synergies where if the pieces are there things get nasty and the deck has decent cycling for a midrange deck, so far I think I'm having more situations where Voice gave me the win than games where Voice not proccing made me lose.

Think about it this way: at the absolute worse they're Mystic Dragons that you got from drawing instead of a broken rune, and most times you have more stuff to play while you wait for the ship.

I'm still finding the correct way to play it in some matchups and the apropiate moment to unleash the reaching potential, but I'm having a lot of fun. I find most midrange decks a bit boring and repetitive, but the tempo plays, synergies, cycling, reach and doppleganger versatility are making the experience really fun for me, so far I haven't modified the deck as I'm liking it, but I might start experimenting a bit.
ON  News - Patch is Live: Starter pack for $4.99, Alternative art cards revealed3 years ago Edited 3 years ago   +1
Ice Storm has a new art (not in the packs, my already owned changed and now is way cooler). EDIT: Redoran Enforcer too and Trebuchet too and it seems like Winter Grasp is now using the old Ice Storm art.
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