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ON  Card - Barrow Stalker1 year ago +2
This one will be a GREAT addition.
ON  Thread - Started Thread: Unfound Resistance Another (Custom) Card Idea For The Community To Analyzed2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   +1
I was inspired by a game I just played with a Mage Deck and came up with this card idea; thinking it worth sharing:

Name: Unfound Resistance
Rarity: Legendary - Unique
Type: Creature
Attributes: Agility/Intelligence
Race: Nord
Magicka Cost: 4
Attack: 2
Health: 3
Expansion Set: Core
Soul Summon: 1200
Soul Trap: 400
Text: Summon: The top card of your deck gains Charge, Breakthrough and put into play. At the end of your turn, place all cards played this turn on the bottom of their owners' deck.
Keyword: Prophecy, Charge,

Of course if this card ever managed to remained in play after the end of the turn it is played on; it would definitely become the most OP card ever but since I cant think of a way of that ever happening with the active TES Legends' sets as tis so far; this would be only a fun card to have in any type of intelligence or agility decks full with Summon abilities and a great Anti-Last Gasp card.

What your thoughts on this card idea?
ON  Deck - Astrid's Deck2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   0
To start with; I don't have a full collection of cards yet and I can see what you saying with bringing in The Night Mother to this deck core base for I'm more than aware of the strong control factors this deck's core produces with its removal frequency yet if I'm to add the Night Mother's strategy into this mix then I must implement that strategy with more opportunities to draw cards while lowering its casting curve to compensate for the faster speed Night Mother's strategy needs to be a constant threat as well as replace its reanimating finishing options since most of the reanimating factors occurrence in this deck are late game play. Overall there's no harm in exploring your suggestion though and when I figure out what combination of exchanges to fully bloom the Night Mother's strategy with this core of this deck; I will share that results here, "np." Thank you for your suggestion.



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