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strength endurance Takamoro's Legend Vampramp
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strength endurance Takamoro's Legend CW
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willpower strength Takamoro's White Weenie (#1)
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ON  Deck - Takamoro's Legend Vampramp2 years ago +1
After extensively testing the suggested changes from thetrader, it turns out he's 100% correct on all of them. Ive updated the decklist and guide accordingly. I'm now testing the 4/1 charge prophecy anti-cover as a five slot, but it doesn't look like its going to make the cut. Mundus stone replacing a single sharpshooter is advised if you're running into more ramp in your meta than orc speed or battlemage prophecy.
ON  Deck - Takamoro's Legend Vampramp2 years ago +1
I agree with most of the above: when the deck began I didn't have so many breakthrough threats available, and migrated away from yet another one in Belligerent Giant in exchange for a five drop. Having recursion was necessary, and without Falkreath, Soul Tear was a three-of. After it got nerfed, i went to legend with two of them and thought that worked... but then swapped out for Paarth because of the 8th turn boom.

The defining change was Pure Blood obviously. 3 more breakthroughs meant I didn't need Soul Tear anymore. Not caring about Soul Tear meant Paarth might as well be another toolbox card with synergy (BML). I like the changes you mentioned for Tear, Paarth, and because of mummify now being a two-of, priest for Belligerent. But no matter how hard I try, I can't see watch being better than ECrafter.

Both three drops. Neither of them do you play on the curve. Since there's no affected 4 drops, crafter is a held card until pairing with a 6 at minimum. Likewise, although you can drop a keeper early, you'd much rather be removing and ramping until five at the least, making it the same exact play as EC (barring prophecy). EC survives firebolt, spearpoint, ice storm, crushing, etc... meaning dropping to the shadow lane almost guarantees a use. Nearly as guaranteed as having a minion for a prophecied keeper. And if they do javelin or lightning it? They'll definitely regret that choice later. One use out of EC makes it arguably better if not equal to keeper. Two uses leaves no question. Also, until you have your opponent drop a hist grove and shaded EC at 13 magicka you just can't understand how devastating it is. If you feel your meta runs too much battlemage, the keeper is a strong suggestion. But EC gets my vote.
ON  Deck - [Rank 1 - 75% WR] Ramping and Raging Warrior Combo2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   +1
Well there's actually a lot different between this one and my own, so it's not entirely a direct substitution. That said, you're right about Lucien not being necessary, and even though Deadly Draugr is pseudo removal you'll find you don't want to 8-drop clear either lane with no return (a la venomtongue, cicero, lifegain, etc.) I'd start there. My version is more early control than defense, more midrange defense than control: https://www.legends-decks.com/deck/22746/takamoros-legend-vampramp

You'll find Fell the Mighty to be commonly wimpy because it is never a "proactive" play, sometimes a wasted slot, and cannot produce threat to steer the match. You'll find little girl to be decent after stabilizing, but she never sticks around when played on the curve, has no immediate effect or synergy with UR, and might as well be a 4-magicka spell that reads "your opponent discards a Firebolt, or removes a silence effect from one of their threats you'll still have to deal with. That's just two reasons I decided to control early and defend mid instead of the other way around.
ON  Deck - Takamoro's Legend Vampramp2 years ago +1
I'm sorry you're not finding success with it. Rank 2 and climbing here with minimal play so far this season.
With Speakers, two groves, and three minders - there isn't a 5 slot. There's a 6 slot. And that's filled perfectly by the Spines.... but you can end up feeling it because there's no Guard at that point and you take a bit of face. I found a strong answer in East Empire Crafter to curve it nicely and bring your end game online by turn 6. (1, ring speaker. 2, another ramp or crafter. 3. Whichever you didn't drop on 2. 4, 7/7 Guard Spine). From there, it's gravy with purebloods, nights, or Vigilants.
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