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agility willpower Aggro Pilfer Combo
By: Thasika

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ON  Deck - Climb to Legend // Cruce a Leyenda2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   0
This deck got me to warrior no problem. I don't have the dark brotherhood yet, so i had to change the knife to the throats and the black dragon. I substituted in 1x Supreme Atromancer, 1x War cry, and an extra Ice Spike. My version is clearly worse though, several times I have wished for the Knife to the Throat when I'm sitting with a dead draw War Cry. I do like the Supreme Atromancer as a finisher, but it is really expensive.

Thanks for the deck design Memento Colonna, also your description of how to run the deck was helpful (I used google translate for it XD)
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ON  Deck - One Cost Chanter2 years ago 0
It's not just you, I played about a dozen games with the deck and only won 1 game. Most of them weren't even close. Completely possible I just don't get this deck but most of the time it seems like I don't have any early plays at all and the enemy board state has progressed to far for me to counter.
ON  Deck - Legend #1 budget deck2 years ago 0
What are your thoughts on Tazkad as a finisher?
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