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agility intelligence CVH's Combo Action Assassin Deck
By: Frag
strength endurance Duels for Days
By: Frag
strength intelligence Anti-control Midrange Battlemage
By: Frag

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ON  Deck - WispSkeever/Cycle battlemage 2 years ago 0
This deck is seriously awful. It's for memes only folks.
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ON  Deck - Rank 1 Legend - August 2017 Battle Mage 2 years ago 0
Just gave this a shot at Rank 5 and here is what I noted:

Aggro - You actually seem to be weak to the popular aggro decks as their prophecies beat your rush (Proph BM specifically)
Midrange - Only faced Assassin (twice) and they crushed me. Couldn't answer Skulks/Shaman or Queen. I'm sure if you had on-curve answers for those cards you'd have a chance.
Control - Oh boy are they in trouble, only issue I had was I faced this one guy with a Scout Prophecy deck, couldn't beat that. Otherwise was 8-1 against the other control decks.

All-in-all, as with most decks, it's about what you're facing. This is good at closing against control, and I'm sure that's what is in Legend. At Rank 5 though, go with something more traditional that has game against a wider field, IMO.



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