Choices of 3-drops in Scout Control

By: Haze
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Posted: 1 year ago
1. Explanation
Delude suggested that talking about all the 3-drops in the deck was more relevant so here we go.
To sum this up, I have 9 3-drops which are :
- Tree Minders
- Crushing blows
- Varanis Couriers

I also tested :
- Mammoth : One of the best 3-drops at the moment but well it clearly doesn't fit with my control vision. Having the breakthrough is a big drawback for me and that it's the main reason why this card doesn' take a spot here.
- Skooma : Sounded very interesting at the beginning but it appears that it was less consistent than the territorial viper. Furthermore I would not play this card x3
- Haunting Spirit : Was one of the best test I made but it still didn't make the cut. Being a 3/3 is not good enough to be useful enough to contest the early board. So as Mamommth, against aggro it is a bit too slow for me to make the cut.
- Kinsman : Proly the best 3-drop that could make the cut in the deck. Even though it is as slow as Haunting Spirit, his power is much more interesting health-wise. Making a 6 health gap is really huge against all decks that are curretly playind cards that require the health advantage. But the drawback of that, once again from my perspective, is that for you to heal, you need to (most of the time) break your opponent runes.

Lets now talk about which cards did make the cut and why.
I already talked about tree minder and why it was included. To sum this up, it is mainly because I truly think that the ramp effect is so powerful that you can afford to play a 1/1 guard for 3 because you will have the edge the while game after that. In addition for certain decks, it is a pain to deal one damage so they will invest more ressources to kill it than it should have needed.
Crushing blow, is for me, an auto-include in every control deck. It permits so much versatility that you always want to have those in your deck. It allows you to control a lot of creatures early game as long as being able to have more reach to kill your opponent in lategame. And even if it's bad it can allows you to trigger leaflurker (but yeah, you have to be in such trouble to do that, but it's possible :)). The scout deck kinda trouble to handle the board and this card will surely help in early game to soak damages as long as limit the board persence of your opponent. No need to ask yourself, add those to your deck it only will be better.
The last one but not the least concerns varanis courier. So as Tree Minder, the card seems weak but being a 1/3 + guard allows you most of the to trade every tokenish creatures as long as 2/1's and stuff. Moreover his capacity to draw a card is for me nearly as good as ramping. There are not a lot of cards that allow people to draw and the more card you draw, the more you will have solutions and ways to counter/pressure your opponent. To finish having guard permits to be more proactive. Instead of Kinsman or Haunting Spirit the proactivity of the card + guard allows not to lose HPs by the fact that the card has a direct value when played.

I think that I said everything I wanted to say in a decent English. I might have forgot some things but the main subject has been covered. Do not hesistate to give me your feedbacks.

PS : I don't have the real truth but I try to give my insight of how I think it works well. There are surely other ways for this to work as good as my choices.

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