Stronghold Eradicator

Stronghold Eradicator
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Stronghold Eradicator
Rarity Epic Epic
Type Creature
Attributes neutral
Race Dwemer
Magicka Cost 5
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Core Set
Soul Summon 400 Crystal
Soul Trap 100 Crystal
Text Summon: Give all enemy creatures in this lane Guard.
Keywords Guard
BBCode [card]Stronghold Eradicator[/card]
Played in 417/30720 of Eligible decks (1 %)
Evolves from: Stronghold Prototype Stronghold Prototype
Constructed Rating: 18 Votes 3.2/5

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Arena Rating: 14 Votes 3.8/5

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strength intelligence agility Welcome To Big Dick Mountain
By: KingCarnage


Kyorua 3 years ago
Amazing card, one of the best Dwemer cards. 6/6 for it's cost is so strong, especially with Halls of the Dwemer . Good in Arena too without Halls of the Dwemer due to stats and Neutral.

Constructed: ★★★✰✰
Arena: ★★✰✰✰

I guess I don't understand the benefit of giving your enemies guard?
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Faelix 2 years ago
You dont have to play it in a lane with any creatures. In addition you might want to destroy the creature/s you give guard anyways.

You can also pop stealthed creatures out of stealth since guards cancel it, I won an arena game because of that.
Faelix wrote:
You can also pop stealthed creatures out of stealth since guards cancel it.

That's the actual advantage (ther other's are just why it isn't as bad as it seems. Thanks! I was very confused by this at first!
For every situation I can think of this card being useful in, there's another card that does its job much better and more reliably. It's combat stats are mediocre, Underworld Vigilante is much better for bringing creatures out of cover, and its uses are heavily limited by its summon effect.
Aside from the above mentioned effect (pulling creatures out of cover) this cards effect has synergy with Ageless Automaton. And they match in curve as well.
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