Kyorua in a few Words:
Hi guys, my name is Kyorua and I've been playing Elder Scrolls: Legends since it was released in beta. My favourite class is the Assassin, though my favourite deck is Purple Green Last Gasps. My favourite cards are any elixirs because of their beautiful golden art. I play mostly everyday and enjoy playing Arena alot. If you want to talk, feel free to, I'm a friendly talkative person. Good luck in games for whoever reads this ‚ô• Check out my Last Gasp Guide! http://www.legends-decks.com/deck/3491/last-gasps-full-guide
Maki is my favourite character.
Elixir of Vigor is my favourite card art.
Smite, Elder Scrolls Legends and World of Warcraft are my favourite games.
Nice to meet you.

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endurance agility Last Gasps (Full Guide!!)
By: Kyorua

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ON  Deck - Last Gasps (Full Guide!!)3 years ago +3
Hey guys! So I will be adding a cards you can use if you don't have all the ones on the list section. I'll have it written by today and will hopefully get my next guide done too. Goodluck to whoever reads this!
ON  News - New cards revealed2 years ago +3
So, like, they kinda stole the literal idea from forum post from September, no joke word for word the written text for Unrelenting Force, like holy shit http://imgur.com/a/NfctO like, literally look at this, I made this up in September with the rest of the post.. https://community.bethesda.net/thread/79396 I'm sorta salty over this all honestly like, what.

ON  Deck - Last Gasps (Full Guide!!)3 years ago +2
I sadly don't have any recording software at the moment, possibly in the future though, my apologies!
ON  Deck - Last Gasps (Full Guide!!)3 years ago +3
Thank you! And card draw is a slight issue in the deck, though most the cards that Draw in Scout don't work too well with this deck, a lot of the cards provide more resources when they get destroyed, which allow them to linger instead of you having no cards at all (ex: Deshaan Avenger and Black Worm Necromancer help bring more resources, just not hand advantage.) I've been thinking about trying Thieves Guild Recruit in the deck, but it's secondary effect wouldn't have almost any effect due to only two of the entire decks card would work off it. If you find anything that works out for you if you try it, please do let me know!
ON  Deck - Last Gasps (Full Guide!!)3 years ago +2
To all that commented and tried out, I've made a slight change to Stalwart Ally in the list with Blacksap Protector that will work much better. Let me know if it works for you! Cheers~



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