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Name Vivec
Rarity Legendary - Unique Legendary
Type Creature
Attributes willpower
Race God
Magicka Cost 5
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Houses of Morrowind
Soul Summon 1200 Crystal
Soul Trap 400 Crystal
Text Exalt 3: +5/+5. While you have an Exalted creature in play, you can't lose the game.
Keywords Exalt
BBCode [card]Vivec[/card]
Played in 585/12232 of Eligible decks (5 %)
Constructed Rating: 29 Votes 4.4/5

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Arena Rating: 24 Votes 4.5/5

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svnset 1 year ago
Love the effect. A true god.
Me: Perhaps I can get "The Miraculous" title with this card...

Vivec gets silenced

Me: nvm.
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One card my friend: Lute. Lost against someone who played Vivec+Lute and Almalexia+Lute. No way to win this game without hard removal (which I didn't have as an assassin)
Damn that's just brutal...
FJAD 1 year ago
I can get "the miraculous" with vivec but in single arena.
I used this to get "The Miraculous" title. Drew Vivec as my opponent used all his cards up and ran me down to very low health.
A really fun card.
Ctrekoz 1 year ago
Part of the reasons why I'm not playing versus arena anymore.
I cannot help but if someone plays with such card as this and Miraak I automatically think that they are shit people.
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mister_VWP 1 year ago
Honestly this card need a nerf, why those the exalt only cost 3?

The exalt cost is to low,

8 magika is way to cheap for a 10/10 for with such a immortal effect.
It should be exalt 5 at least. Al the other gods cost 12 to exalt this one only 8.

it not ballanced.

Its mostly getting used to fast kill you once they reach 8 magika.
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Not all the others cost 12. Vivec costs 8, Almalexia costs 10 and Sotha Sil costs 12.
Ceral107 wrote:
One card my friend: Lute. Lost against someone who played Vivec+Lute and Almalexia+Lute. No way to win this game without hard removal (which I didn't have as an assassin)
Well you could play Berne Clan Nightstalker
JackAries 7 months ago
Tavyar the Knight plus lute. Exalted Almalexia plus lute. Exalted Vivec plus lute. Win game. (Unless they sequentially take out Tav, Alm, then Viv but that gives you time to hit face.)
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CRyanReed 6 months ago
Tav, Doppleganger, vivec, almalexia, stand watch, dark seducer on 8 and 20-2*dragons in opponents yard, and more than 10 health on both Tavs and all with lutes... there are a lot of answers to random stuff.
CRyanReed 6 months ago
Such an amazingly swingy card. It can steal games away from some decks while being entirely wasted by others. So many answers to him, but if they don't come it's guaranteed game over. A solid midrange tech card, but likely just a priority removal target. Aggro can go under it and a top deck silence ends things. Control will have the answer. It takes luck to win off Vivec alone.
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