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Midrange Telvanni
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strength agility Gem hunter 2018 April
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strength intelligence Gem hunting Prophecy BM
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agility willpower Support Wolf Hp Monk
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ON  News - Patch Note 1.72.41 year ago +3
Re-read point 1. If that has any connection to intellect and strategy for you then perhaps we use these words for completely different meaning. Destroy or disable anything that comes to you until you play 1 or 2 super card is not strategy.
I do not say that control decks do not require intellect or strategy in card games (in MtG I've seen many nasty and beautiful combos), but most control decks played here (especially the Tribunal ones) are just about what I wrote above.
ON  Deck - [30-0 Match History] Mid-Rage Guildsworn6 months ago +9
Hmm. I'm very confused. If I didn't see it's Thuldir I would say that 30-0 is a lie for sure. But I know Thuldir can win even with a toothpick. I cannot imagine you can have consistently good hand with this curve. I play decks with considerably lower curve than this one but even with those decks at least once in 10 games I lose on turn 1 because my cheapest card costs 6.

My other source of doubt is calling it midrange with this Eiffel-tower-high curve and Execute + Javelin + Cast + Rage. Perhaps I use the terms Aggro, Midrange and Control totally bad but if this is not Control idk what is.

Side note: Seducer is not that great vs Market decks especially not abom. Those decks go off most of the times before turn 7.

But damn I'm gonna give it a try.
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ON  News - Patch Note 1.72.41 year ago +2
It does not need nerf. Yes, it is very powerful but there are way too many options to get rid of it.
ON  Card - Unstoppable Rage1 year ago +2
This card is insanely op but very predictable. Anyway it should be nerfed or at least be unique.
ON  Deck - #1 Legend November 20193 weeks ago +2
Lol you mean 2018 November? :D Jk. It"s funny how this deck is still strong. Basically the same deck as one year ago aside from Catapults.



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