By: MattOblivium
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 3 weeks ago
Up to date (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 14950crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Ever thought to yourself: 'Steal from folks that ain't using it, that's the key!' then now is the time to get to that graveyard and start defiling! Dump some cards in there with Your Merchant's camel and buff emm all with your Skeletal Dragon, revive the dragon a couple of times, revive anythign worth it's salt, it's jsut a good old fashion night of the actual already dead returned alive!

This stuff is super gready and you'll most likely die to SMOrc but get yourself a bunch a mana using the standard ramp and Venomtongue shooting people down with crossbows or jsut in a rage and when you're satisfied hand those tools over to defiler to reive litterally your entire graveyard a couple of times!

Ps: Skyborn Dragon is a great removal card I should see if I can use him in more Control red decks!

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henjkeee 2 months ago
what about sacrificing 15/15 snacks and push for more heal and mid range game? this deck
Rukland 2 months ago
Want to build this but like I said in stream today with Camel being behind a paywall it sucks
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You can get it for 1500 gold as well, but yeah, the Madhouse pack aint cheap
chilli43 2 months ago
Hey Matt, love the deck! What do you think about some daedric daggers in there to help Falkreath defiler slay creatures, either by straight up combat against bigger creatures, or by using a lethal shot with the crossbow?
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MattOblivium 2 months ago
This deck is already super greedy as is, so that might be a bit to much :p
But if you have a Defiler in your graveyard and you got hit him with a Skeletal Dragon or 2 and/or a higher lvl Soul Tear you can summon a fairly buffed Defiler and make a Rage shatter all dimensions!
Kagero16 2 months ago
Why don't you use Blood magic lord?
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Cuz theres already plenty of lategame and sure, BML would be even more awesome lategame, super buffed creatures due to Skeletal Dragon/Paarthunax generally end being better. Sure the Raise dead would fit the theme, but that's still just a 1/4 that you get it :')
Biggie Willz 2 months ago
this is the one deck i have been looking for with the graveyard thing. +1 from me

i am new to the strength decks but is Gortwog gro-Nagorm, skeletal dragon and belligereant giant replaceable? i only have 1 skeletal dragon atm.
i was think to add 2 shadowfen and 3 unrelenting force just for the early control until i gain these cards.
what would u recommend to craft first in order?
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An unremoved Gort can absolutely destroy your opponent, but it's ussually dead on arrival cuz everyone is scared of him haha.

But let's see, for this deck the Skeletal Dragons are actually really big because when you use Unstoppable Rage on a Falkreath Defiler you revive as many cratures as you could kill with the Defiler, even when you kill your own, so with the Skeletal dragon they also have giant buffs, but more importantly, if a Defiler had already died that game and has received 1-2 buffs and you then Soul Tear him instead of that Rage just doing 3 dmg you'll murder everything you can imagine! And then proceed to revive ofc :p

Other than that, the Giant is currently 1 of the strongest cards in the game, but since this deck is somewhat slow you're not getting the full value out of him so replacing him with somewhat equal utility from the Shadowfen sounds good. Fus Ro Dah on the otherhand is a little trickier, if you don't draw 1 early you'll never be able to Fus at all and a lot of agressive decks start putting down 4 atk creatures really early. As such the general consensus is that that shout doesn't work to wll even though we can alla gree getting it to lvl 3 is amazing. A Guard creature with Prophecy on it or maybe Mummify, which doesn't help much early on but will also stop your opponent from reviving whatever you turn into a mummy himself would be a better idea.
my thanks to your suggestions.
also have u ever thought of taking one venom tongue and adding in a lucien lachance?
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When you use Lucien, you want other creatures to kill stuff, and Venomtongue is there to kill the creatures herself and potentionally helping out with some extra mana all stuff you don't bring Lucien in for ;)
datalink7 2 months ago
Thanks for the deck. When it works it is a lot of fun. Unfortunately in the current meta I'm about 30% with it.
4 Replies
Yeah, it's really ahrd to survive getting rushed down, but when you don't it's amazing :D
datalink7 2 months ago
With super aggressive decks it just seems to die, and since a lot of the meta is that it struggles. But against most other decks it can have a good chance, and can stage amazing comebacks.

One game I was down to 1 health vs Ramp Scout. They had two full lanes of creatures. I had Grog out. He summoned Skeleton Dragon (lucky for me). I soul tear'd a Night Shadow which was now 8/7, played it, unstoppable rage and killed everything in one lane, then used another unstoppable on a venomtongue in the other lane to kill everything there as well (I had like 20 mana). Now I'm at 40ish health and in complete control of the board. :D
Damn haha, so you used a Rage on a Venomtongue earlier in the game as well to get to that 20 mana, mana can get really silly when you give Venomtongue all sorts of chances to kill millions!
datalink7 2 months ago
Yeah I had used a venomtongue a lot earlier. Put a crossbow on it and it ended up killing a lot of things.

This deck is funny sometimes... it isn't a normal deck so it can actually catch people unprepared. I've beaten a lot of the top decks with it just because I think they don't know what they are playing against.

Just wish it was a bit more consistent. But still fun :)

I even got night mother to proc once :P
datalink7 2 months ago
After playing this a while, I actually have a recommendation.

Out: 3x Merchant's Camels

In: 3x Mentor of the Watch

I found that Merchant's Camels often were too slow, or didn't help that much, or were complete overkill. Sure, it's nice to stuff something big into the graveyard and then get it back really early, but all the ducks have to line up perfectly in order to do so and it rarely happened. I found that getting anything with Falk is still a good advantage, and Camel isn't needed.

But with Mentor of the Watch, you get 3x more prophesy, another guard, a 3 drop, AND another guard in your hand. Good to put on Venomtongue (to block with lethal) or Spine (6/6 guard can really slow down some aggressive decks). This seems to help it a lot.
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