Doomcrag Dragon / Rank 1

By: AidaDracena
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (Skyrim patch)
Crafting Cost: 19550crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Very satisfaying deck when it's working. I managed to made rank 1 with it, but not without some pain as the meta is, right now, full aggro. I wouldn't recommend it for ladder as long as the meta is almost full face unless you are patient and ready to auto-lose some matchs -- maybe when the meta will slow down a bit it will stand a better chance.

Your best bet against aggro and midrange face fest is Night Shadow + Rage as soon as you can, otherwise, if you don't have an answer for everything, you're dead.

This deck shines against other control decks and slower midranges. Do not hesitate to use your rage or your crossbows to simply clear a lane. But the best is to do it with a Venomtong or a Falkreath (with Doomcrag if lethal needed, you can revive the Doomgcrag immediatly). I often cap my mana at more than 20 and I think I went up to 28 in a ladder match.

So, the deck relies on all kind of synergies and combos. You have multiple ways to clear the board immediatly. However, if you don't draw the good cards, you'll have a bad time : dead against face decks if you don't draw your Mammoths and co., dead against other controls if you don't draw your synergies or your Magicka boosts. Against Ramp Scout, you have, I would say, 80% chances of winning. If he Shadowfen your Hist grove, it's perfect : it's one win condition, but not at all the only one ; the main goal of this card is to boost your magicka tbh and it's a wasted silence for him.

Synergies and combo :
-Rage + Venomtong (11 magicka) / Doomgcrag (13 magicka) / Falkreath (11) / Wildfire Dragon (for the lethal) (14) / Night Shadow (13) / Cicero (13)
-Night Mother + Venomtong / Falkreath / Wildfire / Cirero / Night Shadow (with Rage)
-Complete board wipe : Doomcrag + Wildfire Dragon (13 magicka), then, if the Dragon is not removed, it's game over, even more if you can follow up with a Rage if he guards the lane. / Doomcrag + Odahviing (18 magicka if in the same turn).
You can also add Alduin, because having only a few dragons doesn't matter very much as you'll find yourself with more magicka than you can spend in the kind of matchup you play him (I even played him for 20 magicka once). Personnally I removed him as I barely used him when I tested it.
-Specific removals : Doomgcrag + Crossbow / Earthbone Spinner // Crossbow with anything lethal / Crossbow + Falkreath is nice too if there is a 1 health creature somewhere (even one of yours can do the job sometimes).
-To push dmgs : Hist Grove / Rage + anything with Breakthrough / Night Mother / Sower of Revenge / All the big guys
-Infinite Paarthunax Revive

On the Sower of revenge note, if you happen to draw 2 or even the 3 + some Soul tear, apply pressure, push the dmgs, and revive your Sower, it should do the job. Sometimes you can kill a midrange deck on turn 8-9-10 with that or with NightShadow + Rage. Do not hesitate if you feel it, it's a solid strategy even if the deck is not made for it. Also, never forget you can sacrifice your own Sower of Revenge if you can manage to fill a lane. I can't tell you how many times this trick allowed me to push the last 5 dmgs I needed the turn before I die.

I tested a lot of different things, but I can't find that sweet spot that makes him more consistant against Aggro and Midrange, so feel free to test and to tell me your suggestions.

Cards of interest you can test :
-Dark Guardian
-Stalwart Ally
-Shadowfen Priest
-Protector of the Innocent
-Morkul Gatekeeper
-Midnight Snack (I'll try him again as I add some more Dragons recently and I really need more 2 drops)
-Withered Hand Cultist, although a bit weird here, it could works. But be careful, because you often have just enough mana (13) to do the Night Shadow + Rage combo.

-When they'll fix it again, for the second time (ffs stop breaking this combo Dire Wolf, please :D), you can also test with Daedric Dagger and Whirling Duelist. It allows to put a nice threat on the board and to clear an ennemy lane without clearing your own. Plus, Dagger is a very versatile tool, especially in this deck, and more if you try the version with Raiding Party.

Honestly I tested with much more cards, even a version with Raiding Party, Stormcloak Vanguard and Disciple of Namira + a third Doomgcrag for the card draw + removal, but with less success.
I put Mammoth because there are tons of 4/4 in the meta right now and tons of curses, so this card stays useful no matter what. It's the only card that can deal with the Blue Ally card advantage, except Stalwart ally if he procs. Dark guardian is nice, but feels useless with all these curses and firebolt.
Another thing, if you plan to do a full board clear with Doomcrag and Wildifre Dragon while threatening for lethal, try to delay it the maximum and let them think you are losing the board. Just put some guards, add a few threats to bait the removals and to let them think it's ok to empty their hand on the board (this part is easy because, basically, almost all your creatures are removal baits. Works very well with : Venomtong, Falkreath Defiler, Doomcrag Vampire -- for some reason, even with an empty board).
Finally, never hesitate to kill your own creatures, they are here for that ! Sometimes if I really need that mana boost, I'll Venomtong + Rage a lane where I have 2-3 creatures if the ennemy as at least as many as I have in the same lane. Same with Night Shadow : your own creatures can heal you big time, never forget it. Works very well with Falkreath too to replace your board and with Cicero to cycle and dig for a Rage or something else.

Feel free to comment and any suggestion is appreciated !
Thank you, and have fun.

PS : Also, I forgot, it's always a better bet to wait for 7 magicka if you have Crossbow and venomtong in hand to use it as a direct removal -- people tend to panic very fast when they see a venomtong, so there's 90% chance he will be removed or silenced immediatly. But if you play against a Green deck, you can put the Venomtong in play turn 4 and bait a curse, then using turn 5 a crossbow and kill 2 creatures + 2 magicka boost, it always feels good !
Another important thing is to plan your next turns. Of course it will higly depend on what the opponent is playing, but no big surprises in general as most people just netdeck the top decks, so you already have a big advantage : no one ever expect the full board clear with Doomcrag Vampire + Wildfire Dragon.

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Sinnistar 5 months ago
9-2 in rumble, good deck confirmed.
1 Reply
Hello there,

I'm glad to hear that ! Can't say I managed to made that far in rumble with this deck. Do you have any suggestions to improve it ? Did you tweak it ?
Sinnistar 5 months ago
I'm surprised you didn't have good luck with it, worked well for me. Maybe I got lucky though, usually had a good starting hand and could ramp easily, and did nightshadow into rage a few times which basically wins the game right there. I played it as is. I love doomcrag combo decks but always make mine too greedy and this seemed a bit less greedy.

Could do it like "VAMPIRE'S RAGE (RAMP RAGE)" that was posted yesterday. Although I don't like the top end, would stick with the dragons. But it's got some prophecies and bit more early game if you are getting overrun.
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I'm not particularly lucky with the cards, but still, I continue wanting to play this kind of greedy decks that need to draw the good cards in order to work. But man, when it works ! it's so satisfaying. I am very happy you liked the deck and have success with it !
Ramping is so important indeed, but the more I play, the more I realize this kind of decks stand no chance because the cardpool is now filled with 2 for 1 cards like Leaflurker, Shearpoint Dragon, the blue Ally, etc. and putting a 1/1 guard +1 magicka on the board does close to nothing when a simple curse allow them to push face as if nothing happened.
I tried with some prophecies too, but let's be honest, in these colours, they are pretty useless if you're not aggressive too. Blue and Green have by far the best prophecies. Same with removals, almost nothing that is made to control a face deck : mummify and co. are mainly used in control matchups. In general, the archetype feels in need of lofe from the devs. It's such a pitty as I feel it's the deepest one with lot of combos, synergies, shenaningans and cards with a great potential but are not used due to the fact they don't have an immediate 2 for 1 effect when they come on the board.

If you are interested I also made a more mid-rangy deck with Rage, Frost Giant and Improvised Weapon that gave me the last push to Legend last month.
I also tried a more dragonny version. While sometimes it worked better, I found it didn't improved the aggro matchups that much.
I tried a lot of other cards too and I am currently working on another version with World's Eater Ayeries. I went 7-0 with it yesterday and then I had a losing strike, but it feeled a bit more consistent. You lose almost all the combos, but it's still very good against Ramp Scout and co. when Hist Grove procs and puts 4 18/18 on the board !
Just tell me and I'll uploard the decks to share it with you.
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