Mana Curve

3 6 9 21 8 3 0 0

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Charge 18
Prophecy 9
Guard 6
Last Gasp 3
Breakthrough 1
Regenerate 0
Rally 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Ward 0
Slay 0
Lethal 0
Drain 0
Betray 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0
Plot 0


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[August Season Legend #5 finish] Mono Red Crusader

By: FroGGer91
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 10350crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is the deck I used for my final ladderpush. If you don't have dark brotherhood expansion, relentless raiders or reive and need some budget replacements here are some suggestions:

-3 relentless raider +2 fiery imps +1 sharpshooter Scout
- garnag + tyr or rampaging Minotaur
- reive + Rampaging Minotaur
- 3 underworld vigilante + 3 afflicted alits

Favourable matchups are all kind of control or ramp decks but it's not an all in aggro deck per definition. Against aggro, token or Midrange matchups it's often necessary to fight for boardcontrol. With all the burst in the deck it is very easy possible to otk your enemy in late mid- or early lategame.

Because of the insane effective carddraw tools which Crusader got you very rarely run out of gas even though the decks curve is very low. Don't forget about the combopotential with crusaders assault + reive, relentless raiders/ fiery imps. :)

Have fun with the deck if you check it out. :)

Update: I finished epic rumble in Top3 with a 27:3 score with this list.

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I have no idea how did you manage to do anything with this deck. I get demolished in every single matchup unless I luck out.
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FroGGer91 11 months ago
Hey Manuel

What is your biggest issue with the deck? Do you run out of cards quickly, lose board control really fast, too slow with racing or something else? Try to explain your problem and I will help you as good as I can. :)

I have very decent success with this list. I reached Legend this month first with it. It's not superspecial but it should be an additional evidence, that this deck really work. Let's see how it will work in gauntlet. :)
Sorry for the tone of my previous message, I didn't mean to belitle your efforts in making this deck. I was salty and for some reason had a really bad experience with it.
I usually play control decks exclusively, but my opponents became so greedy recently with ramp warriors and whatnot that I decided to go aggro. To be honest, I have very little experience with aggro.
I'd say that the main issue I had with the deck was that it is too slow for an aggro deck. I got outraced against ramp scout and rage archer for example. Too often I felt like there was nothing I could do. Since there is a lot of draw, I never quite run out of juice but I felt kinda powerless to finish opponent off. They always found a way to recover. Either I get a good start and they somehow manage to barely survive, or I get a bad start and automaticaly lose.
I played around 15 matches with the deck. Maybe it was just a strike of bad luck, I won about 30-40% of them.
FroGGer91 11 months ago
Your tone is absolutely fine for me. Nothing wrong with it. :)
Try to mulligan as aggressive as possible. Against control decks is Northwind outpost really insane. For example outpost into raiding party is extremely good.
You can usually ditch cards with draweffect from your starthand without thinking about it.
If you have an orc clan captain and a naked firebrand in your hand keep it. It's a really good tempoplay.
Keep two drops and relentless raiders in starting hand, scimitars only if you can play it in the first two turns.
If you have ring is ally also a must keep. Turn 2 6/3 breakthrough is insane pressure for your opponent.
Against Ctrl decks you just trade if you have to clear guards or must kill threats. Against aggro decks fighting for boardcontrol is highest priority.
If you have any questions you can add me infame aswell. :)
I hope I could help you a bit.
JgxprO X 11 months ago
Hi Frogger91, I saw you in #3 spot in Rumble, grat! What was the cause of the 3 loss (what are the worst match-ups)?
Before I sacrifice gems to craft e.g. Reive I have a few questions (to avoid the experience of the guy, who posted first):
1. How do you deal with guards without Shield Braker, or any Silence? Especially that the deck has minimal Breakthrough?
2. Draw, vs Control: There is Ulfric, Crusader's assault and inidirectly Stromcloak for that. Am I missing sth?
What do you do if you go face and the opp controls (just sits there, doesn't hit you to break runes, only reacts)? How to avoid running out of gas, if your opponent e.g. firebolts your first 2 creatures and you can't take off??
3. Aggro: how do you exactly fight for board control?
(Just an idea: Do you use Cast Out also on your creatures e.g. to have a Charge Creature back)?
Best would be: Is there a chance to see your gameplay against various kinds of decks? :)

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FroGGer91 11 months ago
Hey mate

Thank you for you congratulations. :)

As far as I can remember was one loss to a scout because I was just too slow and he runned a bunch of prophecies. The second loss was against a prophecy control Mage who just outprophecied me. the third loss was against a sorcerer who had also luck with his prophecy hits and won extremely close because of that. Now to your questions.

1: this deck got so many buffs, chargers and cast out as removal, that it doesn't really need something more. Sometimes is underworld vigilantes ability very nice aswell to remove must kill threats which are covered.

2. you don't miss anything :) Nine cards with draweffects are a really nice amount for an aggro deck. Especially with the potential of drawing multiple cards with assault and housecarl which is very often the case. Both of them are most of the time extremely valuable and because of that isn't it necessary to play even more carddraw, even against control. Stormcloack vanguard offers you a super strong card and trade up most of the times very well or give you that piece of dmg you desperately needed for lethal.
One of the issues with the deck is that the two drops are pretty fragile but it's not that big of a deal because they usually already pressure enough. The 3 and especially the 4 drops with four to five life are somewhat resistant.

3. you have to use your charge creatures to clear his stuff. Don't go for face if he has a board except you can't clear it because it's in shadowlane but even then, sometimes you can't break a rune because you could the game instantly lose if he proccs a prophecy. Outposts, captains, scimitars gatekeepers and more range give you options for even better value trades.
To compensate the lack of heal do i play nine prophecies and six guards in this deck.
To your thoughts with cast out. Yeah sometimes is cast out just an expensive close call but usually only if it gives you lethal. There is almost no scenario where you cast it on your own creature in a defensive way. I cast outet in a very special scenario an orc clan captain back in my hand to save him for a bigger burst combo in a later turn but that's really unlikely.

I hope this helped you a bit. There is no recorded gameplay from me but you're welcome to add me Ingame, spectate and i explain a bit what i do. :)

BFMVT 11 months ago
This deck is amazing built and played it tonight after getting fed up of playing control all the time and went from rank 5-2 with not much problem at all, its surprising the amount of burst you can get by holding charges until you get the right support and combo cards, with raiders winning me a lot of games for the extra one damage, great deck thank you for sharing it +1 from me!
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FroGGer91 11 months ago
Thank you for the kind words and the upvote! I'm really glad the deck works for you. If you have any questions feel free to add me. :)
yaroling 11 months ago
I like red decks from HS time , cose they are fast and brutal :) This deck is what I want to have ... just one problem, decks key cards are unavailable for new players, without draw cards like Housecarl & Crus. Assault its standard red agro deck and is very unstable... also Raiders are very desirable.
+ from me :)
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FroGGer91 11 months ago
Hey mate. Did you see my suggestions for the budget replacements? :) I made a new account, played through the story and build this deck in a budget version and reached legend pretty fast with it. Without dbb cards and raiders. I played instead of three raiders two fiery imps and a sharpshooter scout. Instead of garnag and vigilantes I played two alits, tyr and a rampaging minotaur. I was able to craft reive but you can replace him with an additional minotaur. Crusaders assault and housecarl is a must have but you can easy create them since they are rare and epic.
Kizzle 11 months ago
Added you in game, currently sitting at Legend #27. Got a few questions about combos!
yaroling 11 months ago
Thanks for suggestions, try to build something playable. Crafted couple of Housecarls, divine ... its just imba, I've never had so many cards in my hand before :)
Sinnistar 11 months ago
Tier 1 for sure, maybe the best deck in the current meta. (current meta = bunch of random decks)
yaroling 10 months ago
Yep, deck is very strong, especially for such little cost. I play without a single legend, Imps & Alits instead, quite simply reached 1st rank in my first season and Im sure legend also is reachable within a couple of days. So thanks again FroGGer91
yaroling 10 months ago
Reached legend #821 with same deck :) ... it was too easy, seams too little players play in TES :(
Angel “Fury... 10 months ago
Still steamrolling through the ladder, but awesome deck nevertheless. I kinda dislike the Stormcloak Vanguard so I swapped it for Rift Thane
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Xelief 10 months ago
All the bust damage is the greatest strength of this deck, especially when combined with the buffing options. The Stormcloak Battalion is also really good for it's cost. Rift Thane is awesome though, and if I was going to incorporate into this deck then I'd probably replace the Circle Initiate with it. It doesn't rely on breaking a Rune to get it's extra damage which makes it more reliable as well.
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