Mana Curve

0 3 18 12 11 3 3 0

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Prophecy 32
Guard 6
Charge 3
Ward 2
Rally 0
Slay 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Plot 0
Regenerate 0
Lethal 0
Breakthrough 0
Betray 0
Drain 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Last Gasp 0
Pilfer 0


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[Top 30 Legend] Aggro Prophecy Battlemage

By: Kizzle
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 5650crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Image for Proof of Legend:

Hey Guys,

This deck is for people seeking to climb the ladder with a great aggro deck that is affordable. There are many Prophecy decks out there but this is my guide and play-style for all you. No i didn't dumb-down the price, this is the EXACT deck i used to climb (mind you I don't have a soul gem budget and I have many decks with 8+ legendaries that just didnt win me consistent games).

Also works great in almost any PvE/AI game since they always go face.

[Background-feel free to skip]

I joined TES: Legends in Beta but never played the game after that. I reached Legend in beta and recently came back to the game about a 4 weeks ago. I have had NO prior experience with TTG or CCG in the past, this is my first. I managed to hit Legend on the last day of the season in August after 3 weeks of playing.

And I hit Legend within 3 days of playing in this month of September. Many people have asked me what deck I used and I am here posting it now for you all!


This is not a budget deck, yes it is very cheap to get but it is identical to the one I used in both seasons to hit legend. When i first got Legends I soul trapped every card I could to make a ramp scout which turned out to not be very useful for me since it was not my play style.

This deck is meant to go face at all times, meaning you will be aiming to deal damage to your opponent every chance you get. IGNORE every card on the field except enemies with DRAIN or any other GAIN HEALTH mechanic (these guys are priority).

You are attempting to draw any 2 magicka card in the beginning of the game. If you have the magicka ring, aim to keep Battlemace for more damage on turn 3.


Mirror Lanes/Other Aggros:
Make claim to a lane and go face. If other aggros wanna damage race, you will win due to the shear amount of prophecies you will get. If you are against a mirror it is based on prophecy RNG.

Control Mages/Ramps:
Go face and deal as much damage as you can. I usually spread damage out evenly on both lanes here. You will SAVE afflicted allits for when they drop you to 26 and proc YOUR OWN PROPHECY. Also keep a blighted allit in play as much as possible so that you can continue to get damaged. I usually win most of these by getting the opponent down to LESS THAN 6-8 health before they control the game. At this point I will usually have saved one lightning bolt and draw another when they deal their final 30+ damage when they have a full board.

The great thing about this deck is you always have a chance to win based on your prophecies. In the final moments of the game you can draw Shackles and Guards to save your tail, as well as Bolts and Fate Weavers into Mystic Dragons to end the game.

NEVER CONCEDE with this deck. You will be surprised how many games you will end up winning.


Lightning Bolt - always try and save one. THERE SHOULD ALWAYS BE ONE IN YOUR HAND. and ALWAYS use it on the enemy (not guards, etc etc)

Cast Out - save for guards or high magicka costing enemies and force them to play them twice

Shield Breaker - save it for when you need it, I usually mulligan this unless I am against Ramp Scout or Control Mage with Hive.

Afflicted Allit - Save if you are playing against a deck that will leave you at 26 or 21 etc. Otherwise I like starting with this for a quick 2 turn rune break that will proc Circle initiate.

Blighted Allit - Great card to ensure you will get more prophecies on the field.

Earthbone Spinner - Guards/High priority enemies

Fate Weavers/Mystic dragons: NEVER play with these in your starting hand, we want to draw these cards from prophecy combos.


This deck is already as cheap as it gets. Every card is necessary except:
2xBlighted Allits ---> Garnag and Rieve
(Garnag is a great card for late game, Rieve is good if you start with magicka ring to ensure it will see some damage before getting Javelin'd lol)
Personally I had games where these cards helped me win, but they just seemed too inconsistent to keep in play.

Hopefully this helps anyone who wants to climb this month!

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have or add me in game: Kizzle

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MonoFinn 9 months ago
What about -3 Sharpshooter Scout and +3 Relentless Raider?
Are 29 Prophecies still enough for Prophecy BM?
1 Reply
Kizzle 9 months ago
You could, but Sharpshooter Scout has Prophecy and the +1 summon damage wins games
This deck is UNBELIEVABLE and so affordable!!! Thank you!
1 Reply
Kizzle 9 months ago
Glad you like it ! Up-vote so more people can see !
goneflyin 9 months ago
Upvoted. My first upvote ever.

I've been struggling around level 6-7 for ages, and any decks with ideas I could find that might move me up more always had 8k-12k soul points required for missing legendaries.

Then I stumbled on this one, paid 800 points to round it out, and suddenly I'm at rank 1. In just a matter of days. It's just remarkable.

The deck does take some practice, mostly identifying when you can/cannot ignore the enemy creatures. Yes, drain is obvious - but Bruma Profiteer can also rain on that parade.

I also got clobbered once, very memorably, with Unstoppable Rage comboed with Monk's Strike, causing my opponent to suddenly go from 4 to 24 health!

Another was Child of Hircine + 2x Brotherhood Sanctuary. He killed two weak creatures, then just pummeled me 4x in a row!

I have made one change... I hadn't needed the Sharpshooter Scout most of the time for anything tactical beyond a single point or two of damage to head. So I dropped one and added another Sentinel Battlemace. Those are TREMENDOUS in the late game when your opponent drops some big guns in front of you that you need to take out. Or, maybe even just accelerate his descent to 0 health before his big guns fire next turn!

Really great deck.
1 Reply
Kizzle 9 months ago
Glad to hear it !
sorrou 9 months ago
Is it possible to replace underworld vigilante?
3 Replies
Kizzle 9 months ago
In short answer, no.


The whole point of Vigilante is to get a free +4 damage/charge especially when one lane is heavily guarded.

A decent substitute would be Battlefield Scrounger, but you only get +3 damage.

Cards like Vigilante. Lightning Bolt, Battlemace all ensure an extra +4 damage that really helps the snowball tempo
sorrou 9 months ago
Maybe Rampaging minotaur would better temporary replacement? Or should i stick to Scrounger?
Don't have full brotherhood dlc atm.
Kizzle 9 months ago
give it a shot and let me know.

you could also just add an extra shield breaker, battlemace, and blighted and get to 50 cards
not sure what changed since yesterday, was on top of rank 4 with 1 game to go for rank 3, t
ook a break and since then i'm on the loosing street. haven't won a game in the last 20 duels, either through bad draws, bad luck or just not having answers to what the opponent brings.
Kizzle 9 months ago
that's interesting...

I definitely have losing streaks but maybe only 4-5 games in a row maximum. 20 losses in a row seems a little bit extreme to me

Feel free to add me in game and I can coach you with this deck ! Much easier to communicate :)
Thanks Kizzle,

I spend a good time with the deck and must have been one of the first 5 to download it (on up votes) it took me from rank 8 to rank 4 without any problems, now and then a loss but a winning rate of 75%.
As i said I'm not sure if the game got adjusted or if the new decks are just better at the moment.
I do have to say that all losses have been with legendary decks.
Also I had some really bad draws and some serious bad luck, e.g. I had one guy down to 1 point and not being able to get the right cards i could break his 2 shields, plus all his actions he had no card survived.
1 Reply
Kizzle 9 months ago
No problem!

I won 9 games and lost 2 yesterday in high legend rank. So i dont think the meta has adjusted. If anything it should have shifted in our favor since I didnt face one ramp scout yesterday. Most of my games were against other aggro decks and control mages.

If you have extra soul gems I would recommend getting ancano > reive > garnag. In that order. But like i said in my guide, these cards arent necessary since they are inconsistent (they will hep you win sometimes, but most of the time they do nothing). Ancano is good because of the summon +5 damage, but it is a 8-draw card which sucks.

Anyways, just dont get demoralized, I have had countless games where I lost by 1-2 points due to shear luck. The good thing to know is that every game is winnable and just move on to the next one.

We can do some custom games against each other or I can watch ur games and tell you what I would do differently
great deck! thanks. I won't make it above rank 5 sadly ...

I was wondering...
- in which lane do you start with this deck?
- what cards do you keep in the beginning? which ones do you discard?
- what character do you play? I play as a Nord.

I have to earn more gems to craft. what is your suggestion - what's the easiest way?
I just finished dark brotherhood ep1&2

thanks a lot for your help. it's very much appreciated :-)
1 Reply
Kizzle 9 months ago
1. start shadow if against another aggro, otherwise start in field lane
2. try and keep any 2 cost card, discard anything above 3. Keep battlemace if you have the mana ring.
3. I play as dunmer.
4. I am not sure about dark brotherhood expansion, since the lanes are weird etc etc
thanks! why do you play as dummer? (dark-elf)
1 Reply
Kizzle 9 months ago
because after you hit level 50 it doesnt matter anymore and dunmer is my favorite race lol.

When i was leveling up I was a orc though
its a nice budget deck, but you most certainly did not grind your way to legend with just this deck. can't even get out of rank 5 with in.
1 Reply
Kizzle 9 months ago
not a budget deck.

and yes I did. twice.

I would rather you ask for advice rather than troll
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