[Fast, Cheap, Fun] Prophecy Rage Archer

By: ThePrice1sRight
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 9450crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
No guarantee for a crazy win rate this time but this deck is efficient and fun as hell, while having great matchups against monored crusader and aggro orc decks (The bane of the ladder at the moment).

DISCLAIMER: If your ONLY goal is to beat monored and other aggro decks I would remove the bog lurchers and probably even the forges; do so at the cost of having fun.

Okay onto the play style:
As many have come to realize the most challenging part about playing a Rage deck is it's painfully obvious what you're trying to accomplish and your opponent will do everything in their power to play around it. The idea behind this deck is being able to Rage by turn seven on a card you got to play for free, as in your opponent has no limited chances to play around it... That's where our 30 prophecy cards come into play. I have carefully selected all 30 prophecies as I believe any one of them, given a slight nudge by Improved weapon or Elixir of Strength, or both (for extreme FUN), is worthy of a game ending Rage combo.

This deck is pretty straightforward in its goal and game plan. Face, face, face until you are at 7 mana and land a prophecy creature worth strapping an improvised weapon and unstoppable rage to. Ideally your opponent will be somewhere around <16 health by the time this happens and you can finish them in one mighty swing of your weird club looking thing.

The only cards I would worry about trading with are drain and other life gainers as they can ruin this decks day. For the most part you are slapping away until you can unleash your rage combo.

Some thoughts on the cards:

I've worked on this part for quite awhile and IMO the 30 prophecies included in this deck are the 30 best ones found in the red and green colors. (Cast out is great but does not fit with the game plan we've established).

There are a couple of card draw engines because I've found you may run out of steam against decks with good removal.

Wrothgar Forge: So much fun when it starts loading up cards on your turn AND your opponents turn. This is honestly the best way to get absolute value out of this card and will leave you laughing maniacally (until it gets Shadowfenned of course).

Improved Weapon & Elixir of Strength: Integral to this deck. We do not have any prophecies coming out with breakthrough and the only way to OTK is by applying the breakthrough key word (Side note: I wish I could put Tyr in the deck).

Bog Lurcher: This was a recent addition but a very helpful one against slower decks. As I'll mention later this deck has terrible matchups against control decks, however Bog Lurcher and/or Wrothgar shenanigans are your only hope at turn 11 to decimate your opponent in one turn. DO NOT PLAY THIS CARD WITHOUT ALL THREE COMBO CARDS IN HAND (weapon+rage).

Everything else is somewhat self-explanatory, you'll find graystone ravager and even the Gatekeeper to be some of your best closers, adding +1 and breakthrough to their stats in a full lane of minions just begging for a Rage is an absolute blast.

Some thoughts on matchups: Mentioned previously, monored, orc, other aggro decks have a difficult time dealing the amount of prophecies they are giving you.

Bad Matchups: Control Mage, Control Mage, Control Mage. It's about as close to an auto concede as there is, however the Bog Lurcher and Forge make winning at least feasible. The biggest issue is nearly every one of your creatures is in Firebolt range and I think every single one is in lightning bolt range. It's just too easy for them to clear the board each turn and they don't give you creatures to Rage.

A quick word on mulligans: Hard pass for 2-drops (besides FGR). Pretty simple, you don't really need anything other than damage on the board early so try and get those Protectors and Crocodiles going as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoy and as always I love hearing tales from the ladder and any feedback you may have. Thanks !

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