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I make fun decks. My twitch handle is DameNightmare. I'm thinking of streaming some of my gimmick decks starting n a month so go ahead and give me a follow there.
If it's not fun, is it really worth the time?

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endurance willpower Chanter's Legion (Version 2: Healing) 100% WR
By: KingCarnage
strength agility Ungolim's Big Heist (Hit n Run Market)
By: KingCarnage
Ulfric Shouts At The Bankteller [Now With Guide]
By: KingCarnage
intelligence willpower Therana's Gamble (Mage Version)
By: KingCarnage
Gortwog's Rally!
By: KingCarnage

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ON  Deck - 80% Winrate Ladder NO FAKE 1 year ago +18
How do I report a deck for wasting virtual space? Asking for a friend.
ON  Deck - The Runebreaker1 year ago +2
It's the fun that matters!!!!
ON  Deck - SterlingArcher1 year ago +1
just ...lol. This is DameNightmare from twitch btw if you were wondering why this stranger is harassing you LUL
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ON  Deck - Winter Is Coming, Game Of Atronachs (Jarl Deck)1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
lol yeah Jarl is pretty meme-y fun so I wouldnt really craft that. Plenty of other legendaries with wider use. BE is good for uniques period. Might is meh to me but strong for Jarl decks. Ctutor has value if you like atronachs. Not many people play blue dragon decks so icewing isnt seen much but I have a fun merric dragon deck though and a few shackle heavy decks. Wispmother is another tactical card only great in few/certain decks.
ON  Deck - Lydia Makes New Friends (Spellguard)1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
Lmao yeah I did a the ring thing in another high hrothgar deck "I'm so high right now" I think was the name. I think I actually did run mystics in that deck. I wouldnt remove a heal but I do like the idea of using gearwork spider. That can get pretty annoying lol.




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