Support Rage Crusader ft. Volendrung

By: SirChoate
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Outdated (clockwork patch)
Crafting Cost: 17950crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
12/05/2017 UPDATE!: Lowered the curve by adding Crushing Blow and Morkul Gatekeeper, also re-added Undying Dragons instead of VIgilant Giants - they are huge threats! The deck is still fairing very well this month, if not better than better.

Being "Support Crusader", the list is still in the process of being optimized to see what works best (or even if it works at all). So now that the disclaimer is out there, continue reading at your own risk.

This deck definitely has a "core" package which I've identified below, and a few flex spots. I say this because the deck is in its early stages and I'm not sure which way is the optimal route just yet.

Core Package

(3) Elixir of Vitality - The core support to help you stay alive.
(3) Rapid Shot - Pretty necessary for card cycle as well as favorable trading.
(3) Bruma Profiteer - More life gain, just a standard 2 drop, early game.
(3) Protector of the Innocent - Good prophecy, guard, early game creature.
(3) Ravenous Hunger - Never save this for mulligan, this is one of the primary rage targets
as early as turn 9.
(3) Skaven Pyromancer - Great for clearing out tokens as well as helping favorably trade.
(3) Tower Alchemist - Enables your supports to be used infinitely, presents a must
remove target for your opponent.
(3) Dushnikh Yal Archer - Absolutely need support removal.
(2/3) Fell the Mighty - Great at efficiently taking down big targets before you get Goldbrand running or access to Mantikoras.
(3) Hive Defender - One of the best bodies in the game for its cost.
(3) Cauldron Keeper - Vital part of any support package, plus guard.
(3) Piercing Javelin - Every control deck runs this.
(1) Orb of Vaermina - Great value engine, really gets strong in control matchups even if you only steal 2 cards. can be a game changer depending on what you steal.
(1) Goldbrand - Solid removal, presents a game winning threat if your opponent can't
remove it. vital part of the support package.
(3) Unstoppable Rage - Combo with Ravenous Hunger for tempo swinging life gain for
only 9 magicka, but also use it to clear out a lane. more efficient and cheaper than Dawn's Wrath.
(2/3) Mantikora - Running 3 is probably better but given the plethora of options this deck has, 2 isn't bad either .
(1) Miraak - Staple for every control deck, helps prevent Paarthurnax loops and steal other key creatures as well.

Flex Spots

(1) Volendrung - It can be cut, but I think it may have found a home in this deck. If your opponent doesn't remove it, its usually auto win on turn 12 combined with Cauldron Keeper + Rage. Cauldron Keeper let's you use your supports twice, so you can buff Cauldron twice with this (or any other creature) while still using Rage for a game ending breakthrough.
(1) Wabbajack - In addition to Miraak, helps prevent Paarthurnax loops and remove other big creatures while not needing to tech in the expensive and often inefficient Arrest.
(3) Vigilant Giant - Huge body, presents a threat for your opponent, and an additional target to rage on. One of the early problems of this deck was not having enough big bodies late game, so this should definitely help out.
(1/2) Undying Dragons - Not really necessary, but they fit in nicely. The problem is trying to fit in these with Vigilant GIants, as its either one or the other usually. Presents a must remove target for your opponent, but can be too slow to play in some matchups. The heal might not be needed as we already have Elixirs, Bruma, and Ravenous Hunger/Rage.
(1) Journey to Sovngarde - Great value for late game against other control matchups or even ramp scout.
(1) Lydia - I really don't think Lydia is necessary here. While she is good in normal Control Crusader, Cauldron Keepers provide much more utility and synergy, while only being slightly worse stat-wise.


Definitely looking to get Bruma Profiteer, Rapid Shot, Skaven Pyromancer, or Protector of the Innocent. Hive Defender can be an option if you have the Ring of Magicka. Generally speaking, you don't want to keep Elixir of Vitality as you'll be down a card and your opponent will start playing super aggressive the second they see you have a support.

Early Game

You're really just looking to make 1 for 1 trades and keep the board as clear as possible. Use Rapid Shot and Skaven for favorable trades here. Dushnikh can be very helpful, but don't use him too preemptively if you think your opponent might have some supports.

Mid Game

Where the deck is most difficult to pilot. Your opponent is pressuring you and you need to stabilize. In the mid game, this deck tends to sacrifice board control to start building towards its late game. You're really just trying to mitigate as much damage to your face as possible after they have broken 1 or 2 runes. Hive Defender, Lydia, Goldbrand, Piercing Javelins, and Fell the Mighty are all key to surviving this phase. By now you might have an Elixir of Vitality up and begin transitioning to your late game where you outvalue your opponent and begin to stabilize.

Late Game/Win Conditions

The glorious late game. If you've made it this far, chances you are on the verge of stabilization or on the verge of dying - or both. Here is where you usually have a bunch of options and are nearing a full hand. Rage should help stabilize, while big guards like Vigilant should draw out removal or eat a few creatures. Your win conditions vary. Usually it means re-taking control of the board and slowly gaining back your life via Elixir of Vitality. Ravenous Hunger + Rage can sometimes be enough to stabilize if you've been slowly draining your opponent of resources. It could also be as simple as a Journey to Sovngarde in longer, control games. Perhaps the best way to win is via Cauldron Keeper + Volendrung, if you're lucky enough to be able to get it out. On Turn 12, you can Cauldron Keeper, Volendrung twice, and then rage for massive breakthrough damage to their face. Usually enough to put any deck out of their misery.

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this deck is so weak in every type of mirror match whichever archer or crusader. All the guards are so bad in late game, also in late game, there is no big threat to the opponent in this deck.
1 Reply
SirChoate 2 weeks ago
Appreciate the feedback. "Support Crusader" is unexplored territory, so it is not immediately apparent whether it even viable at all. The list is still being optimized to see what works best. Feel free to add Vigilant Giants for more big bodies, helping you to reach end game faster. With that being said, the deck isn't really intuitive to pilot, and definitely takes some practice - its not for everyone.
Where is your global clear that isn't rage? Immolating Blast, Dawn's Wrath?

Other than that, it might be funny, I think it's mostly a meme deck. It should work better than Potion Spellsword.
1 Reply
SirChoate 2 weeks ago
I've considered adding a single Dawn's Wrath. Not sure if it really needs it though. Immolating Blast would be better since most people are anticipating rage from a control crusader and splitting lanes anyways. The deck definitely is more meme, although I'm currently #21 legend after a full weekend of playing it exclusively, so I think there's potential for it.
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