Death by 1,000 Monks

By: McAlphabet
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 11950crystal
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This is a modified version of the simple Yellow/Blue deck I created to play around with that ended up surprisingly taking me from Rank 7 all the way into the Legends Rank.

The focus of this deck is to quickly overwhelm your opponent with many small creatures that just keep coming. It is Death by 1,000 Papercuts. It even works well in cases where your opponent drops an Ice Storm, as you can typically refill the lanes in a turn or two thereafter.

Don't bother trying to kill the opponent creatures on the board. The goal is to get as much face damage by turn 6 as possible. Although you have some weakness to guards, this deck provides six cards to help you skirt around that with Imprison & Piercing Javelin.

Although there are some really strong Green (Agility) pilfer cards out there, that synergize well with Master of Thieves, I prefer counting on that 70% chance that Resolute Ally will proc when I drop him into a lane. The Master of Thieves cards are meant to Synergize with Den of Thieves so that your weak individual creatures can turn into something bigger.

To open, using cards like Marked Man, Call of Valor, and Fifth Legion Trainer are most ideal. When using the Marked Man, try to save the added guard in your hand until you can buff it with a Fifth Legion Trainer when dropping it. Or using it to prevent a powerful pilfer/damage opponent creature from a crucial hit. Dropping that zero-cost guard can also have the intended effect when played the same turn before the Resolute Ally.

The "Move" cards like Dune Smuggler and Shadow Shift are great for letting your Pack Leader do face-damage as often as possible, and using the Dune Smuggler on him will save Pack Leader from a Mage's Lightning-Bolt. Grand Ball is added in there simply because the "Dune Smuggler + Grand Ball" combo works very well when your lanes are quite full with little creatures.

Daring Cutpurse:
This card is added in to make the deck 54 cards rather than 51. The prophecy is welcoming and the pilfer option are powerful when combined with Master of Thieves. I prefer using this over the Bandaari Bruiser because it's less susceptible to dying from a Firebolt or Shearpoint Dragon if it can get a pilfer off.

Black Dragon:
I added this card to make the opponent lose focus, and it synergizes very well with the lane-moving cards. No opposing creature is safe. This is a card that any sane person would deal with as soon as possible, and takes the spotlight off of me filling the lanes on every other turn.

Haafingar Maurader:
This is a great card to make your opponent lose focus of putting up guards and other creatures that take your lanes away for your army. The added bonus of making one of your little guys into something a little more scary is a no-brainer in my opinion. I will sometimes add a second one of these cards to the deck.

Tazkad the Packmaster:
This is a strong card for any Agility deck, and will occasionally be needed for that last extra "oomph" to get the killing blow if you haven't beat your opponent by the 6th or 7th turn.

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SzotyMAG 11 months ago
Grand Ball? Not even in move decks its worth it
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