Got to have Kaya now...For the rain is falling

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ON  Deck - Voodoo MAGiCK [Legendary deck, High Winrate]1 year ago +1
I am short of Therana, Undying Dragon and Miraak any viable replacements? Great guide and thanks for the obvious effort to help people new to this game.
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ON  Deck - [30-0 Match History] Mid-Rage Guildsworn4 months ago Edited 4 months ago   +5
Well i am 6-3 with it so far on Tier 5 of the ladder. One of the losses was a Market deck i just did not get seducer into my hand on time. I still see myself as a beginner player though Sav0s_Aren and have found some awkward hands but not sure if its my lack of experience or not.

ON  Deck - Buji's Mid Tribunal8 months ago +2
What did you replace?
ON  Deck - Altar of Conscripts2 weeks ago +2
Thanks for continued updates. Any plans to include cards from coming expansion?
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ON  Deck - Snekcumber: 1st at Masters Series Qualifier #21 year ago +1



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