Highlander Sorcerer

By: Billodeth
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Posted: 8 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 24950crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is a singleton deck utilizing the new Madhouse cards that have value from running a singleton deck.

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Phenomenal deck. Extremely fun and fairly good win rate!
Paly_Noob 8 months ago
Agreed that it's fun, but let's not false advertise to anyone who's reading this and sees: "Phenomenal deck" & "fairly good win rate!" and thinks that translates to: "good in ranked." If a player *really* wants a challenge, then yes by all means try it on the ladder, but otherwise this deck should be played in casual only. Unless the RNGods are smiling on you (i.e. you get the early game cards you need), good aggro & midrange decks are going to steamroll you. There are only two prophecies, so don't expect those to save you and 1 Ice Storm & 1 R-Strike (if you're lucky enough to have that vs. tokens) is pretty much it for big comeback swings against those decks.

That said, I hope I'm not coming across as trashing the deck or the deck-maker. I appreciate all the new singleton decks and like the card choices of this one (gave a +1).
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Rellik 8 months ago
singleton mage is competitive enough due to additional prophecys and aoe,and sorcerer could be,but this deck is too slow
Paly_Noob 8 months ago
Rellik wrote:
singleton mage is competitive enough due to additional prophecys and aoe,and sorcerer could be,but this deck is too slow

I agree mage is better than sorc, but I still wouldn't take mage singleton on the ladder. Still WAY too dependent on RNG. You're still gonna get steamrolled by good aggro/midrange decks if you don't draw your early control/removal. I do like the new singleton cards though, allows for great design space and they'll only get better as new cards are released. I do see a future where they will be competitive,
Paly_Noob 8 months ago
Billodeth, you inspired me to make a warrior version. Would like to get your thoughts on card selection, thanks:

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