Anti-Fun Police! - Control Rage Warrior

By: Furo
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 17700crystal
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Flo Mo 11 months ago
No Luck, yet. Maybe I m no Control Player ;)
Herjolfr 11 months ago
After 23 games, I'm not sure of this decks consistency. Just barely squeezed above 50% winrate against a variety decks (which I will list below for reference). It seems like it's control tools just aren't strong enough to stop mid range, specifically sorcerer, from overwhelming the board. Bleakcoast Troll on curve more or less goes uncontested without Protector on the board with Morkul buff. Against other control decks, you may as well auto concede against Mage and pray that you draw what you need against scout. I'm going to continue to record results against those decks where possible to get a more reliable sample size but the outlook is grim. Prophecy BM also gave me a fair degree of trouble even when drawing all the guard in the world and never breaking a rune. I did have to substitute in another card as I only have one copy of Vigilant Giant and I went with Journey. In the one instance I drew it against control, it won me the game. I'm not entirely sure what to switch out to stabilize against mid range. I think control warrior might just be too weak in the current mid heavy meta.

Despite struggling to find consistency, the deck is still fun and challenging. Huge fan of Furo's decks.

Prophecy Battlemage x2
Mid Sorcerer x2 (possibly Balance for both)
Mid Scout
Mid Monk
Control Mage (Thief package)
Control Mage x2 (traditional package)
Ramp Scout (Dragon heavy)
Ramp Scout (traditional package)

Charge Crusader
Prophecy Battlemage
Mid Assassin (atronach heavy)
Item Battlemage (looked homebrewed, never saw Master)
Market Archer
Dragon Monk
Mid Archer
Item Battlemage (with Merric)
Ramp Scout x2 (traditional package)
Ramp Scout (Slay heavy)
Altar Assassin

UPDATE: After spending a few more days with this deck, I can't say I recommend it. The loss rate to midrange and every Mage deck (75-80%) just makes it too weak to compete reliably on the ladder. Without flat out removal, the relatively weak guard creatures get overwhelmed by on curve midrange cards and the late game is out valued by the removal of options of Mage.
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if you like, check my control warrior deck: I just reached legend with it today:

Control Warrior revived...
lonelywulf 11 months ago
I think the non-fitting cards in this deck are mainly sower of revenge (to aggro, breaks a rune and card draw for your opponent) and enchanted plate (doesn't help much on board presence and card draw not essential for control decks).

little girl is also not my favorite, as it can be silenced and has null value after that... but if it transforms, nice... it think, this deck needs more on board removal... :-)
So Easy 11 months ago
good deck thx
Zoutsha 10 months ago
Thank you so much!
your Deck got me from r1 to legend dropping only a single match
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