Sower of Revenge

Sower of Revenge
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Sower of Revenge
Rarity Epic Epic
Type Creature
Attributes strength endurance
Race Daedra
Magicka Cost 5
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Monthly Reward
Soul Summon 400 Crystal
Soul Trap 100 Crystal
Text Guard. Last Gasp: Deals 5 damage to the enemy player.
Keywords Guard,Last Gasp
BBCode [card]Sower of Revenge[/card]
Played in 1599/3412 of Eligible decks (47 %)
Reward Card: Sower of Revenge is the March 2017 Reward Card and can only be crafted (can't be opened in packs).
Constructed Rating: 55 Votes 4.8/5

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Arena Rating: 42 Votes 4.8/5

Latest appearances in Decks: (Last 2 weeks)

strength endurance Dust’s MonoRed Aggro
By: Corrvette
strength endurance deck 110
By: pazdzioh9
strength willpower endurance aggroran
By: fiver49
strength intelligence endurance Coven mid smith
By: Mike 9kovskiy
strength endurance agility Ebonheart Ramp Veteran
By: Spencer Owen
strength endurance agility Veteran Aggro Pact 16-4 80% W/R
By: Earlmeister
strength intelligence endurance Mid covenant
By: abybob
strength endurance agility Veteran Ebonheart wr 85% slightly modified
By: Wildsidez
strength endurance agility Aggro Veteran Ebonheart
By: abybob
strength endurance agility Burn the Market
By: Evilmark


Seriously, why this thing exists?
1 Reply
Why not? It's a solid card for 5 cost.
Jmonty 1 year ago
This card is absolute bullshit. I leave the game if i ever see it.
2 Replies
ictopbasli 1 year ago
You are doing nice. Keep leaving from game, so we can climb ladder easily. Thanks to dumb people like you.
Hamie1999 8 months ago
you're just a poor sport. remember, life total isn't everything.
Cast into Time loves to hit this card.
If you wanna run an aggro warrior, this is gonna push you to the next level. Most of the times it's a guaranteed 5 face damage + value trade for 5 magicka which is nuts.
A very powerful card to be sure but there are answers for it. I don't think it's too powerful but it is definitely strong enough that if you're against a Warrior or any deck with red/purple in it, expect to see this card and prepare to deal with it.
One of my favorite cards. Sometimes I win games by casting Piercing Javelin on my own Sower of Revenge as a last swing.
1 Reply
I won multiple gamrs by Playing it in a full lane then saac it for instant reach.
JackAries 4 months ago
As a sorcerer with 9 different ways to silence, this card has never once hit that last gasp on me lol
Talilover 3 months ago
This card is just a prime example of op nonsense and one of the many reasons I groan when I see I'm going against warrior decks. No go ahead, try to spin up some justification for this card...go on and tell me how a 5/5 guard with a almost guaranteed 5 face damage is balanced for 5 cost. You're probably the same type of folk who think Haunting spirit or Bleakcoast Troll are balanced cards and that it takes real skill to play warrior.

God just had to vent, I really really despise this card. "Do yOu FeAR mE moRtAl, yOU sHoUld." No but I hate you and everything you stand for you F***ing auto include in every warrior deck
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