Mana Curve

0 9 6 15 6 6 3 5

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Guard 6
Prophecy 3
Slay 1
Lethal 1
Regenerate 0
Rally 0
Betray 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Ward 0
Breakthrough 0
Plot 0
Charge 0
Exalt 0
Last Gasp 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0
Drain 0


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Boost Swarm

By: lulzrawr
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Posted: 9 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 5700crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is another cheap and fun deck. I have been using it lately with moderate success, getting into Legend rank with little difficulty early in the March 2018 season, and now hovering around #100-150 Legend rank.

The way to play this deck depends on what you draw and who you are playing against, but the most significant things that will determine your decisions in the early game is whether you get "Call of Valor" and a "Word Wall" in the first 1-2 turns, or whether you get a "Golden Saint".

If you get a "Golden Saint" early, it is of utmost importance to try to get some face damage so you can get those out and keep up a tempo.

If you get "Call of Valor" and a "Word Wall", you will want to position yourself to have a nice setup of boosted creatures. It is almost never worth it to play a tier 1 "Call of Valor", you will want to hold onto it and upgrade it with a "Word Wall" before you play it.

This deck's main strength is getting control of the board in the early game, and it is quite strong in the mid-game with a lot of removal actions.

This deck is very weak if an opponent gets out one or more "Withered Hand Cultists" early, and it struggles against aggro decks that gain a tempo on you with plenty of 3+ attack creatures before you can get your own creatures onto the board.

Scout decks are not usually a problem but this deck does struggle in late game vs scouts, and also some control decks. I usually concede to save myself the time/headache if I run out of cards and the opponent has board control and cards in hand, even if I have full health and the opponent is almost dead.

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CrossRhodes 9 months ago
Thank you, I like it very much. I will try to climb some ranks with it. It already helped me getting out of a losing streak :)

My euphory yesterday was a bit too quick. After winning 5 games straight and getting to rank 7, today I was extremely frustrated and got a 6 loss streak at this rank. So now I can't imagine anyone playing this on legend or I must be the stupidest player ever. I would like to add you ingame to see how you play. Could you please tell me your in game name?
1 Reply
lulzrawr 9 months ago
Thanks for the comment. My in-game name is the same as here. It is fine if you don't like this deck. I am using this deck exclusively this month with - as I said - moderate success. I enjoy making cheap decks that work that I consider fun to play. Cheers.
FRCP23 9 months ago
Great deck. Was missing an execute and an Edict of Azura, and replaced them with Imprison and Arrow Storm because I'm a cheapskate, but they've worked to great effect. 10-3 at Rank 4 so far after having trouble finding a deck there where I could break even.
4 Replies
lulzrawr 9 months ago
I am glad it is working out for you, thanks for the comment!
FRCP23 9 months ago
Is there anything sweeter than Arresting Gortworg?

Used a Monk deck to get to Rank 1, but am 3-0 after switching back to this one.
FRCP23 9 months ago
lulzrawr 9 months ago
FRCP23 wrote:

Nicely done! I got into the top 50 in the last few days with this deck, and am hovering around rank 50-60 Legend this morning. I am not using any other decks this month so I'll see how well it works out as this month's season progresses.

A deck like this could never become a meta, because it is far too easy to counter, but as long as it remains a niche deck I think it will continue working moderately well.
Hello again,

I switched the following cards and felt way more effective. Maybe it's just my play style.

Out: 2 Arrest, 3 Sanctuary Raid, 1 Cast into Time
In: 2 Bruma Profiteers, 3 Imperial Reinforcements, 2 Divine Fervors

This got me to rank 5 today :)
1 Reply
lulzrawr 9 months ago
Great, I am glad to hear it! I like Divine Fervor and Imperial Reinforcements, I was using them when I was coming up with this deck but swapped out the Divine Fervors for the two Arrest and "The Black Dragon". I can't remember what I replaced the Imperial Reinforcements with, I also had "Imprison" in the deck at that time too. There are lots of fun options with imperials, I am enjoying playing this sort of deck lately.
It's a nice deck, I did throw out the greybeard mentors in favor of divine fervors, as well as replace one sanctuary raid, simply because I once drew all sanctuary raids after mulligan :p RNGesus was not on my side that game ^^
I replaced the mentors because I found them to be only useful when turn 7+ and I had already at least played one shout, otherwise they just lose too much tempo for this midrangy deck imo.
1 Reply
lulzrawr 8 months ago
I like them because they increase the chances I can get out a lane full of minions when I want them, but that's great if something else is working better for you. Thanks for the comment!
Goumby 8 months ago
1 Reply
lulzrawr 8 months ago
Nicely done, congrats!
Paly_Noob 8 months ago
I'm 3-2 so far and not really getting the hype. Maybe a mulligan guide would be helpful?
1 Reply
lulzrawr 8 months ago
I'm not sure if there is any hype, it is just something I am doing this month. If mulligan guide means for what to get rid of at the draw, any of the 3 or under mana cost cards are usually worth keeping, as is the Greybeard Mentor since getting those shouts upgraded and used early can help a lot. If things look bleak I play what I have and try to trust my deck will give me something usable next turn.

Cast Into Time and The Black Dragon are also decent cards to keep if you get them at the start, but 3 or under mana cost cards will be more useful, especially Word Wall and Call of Valor. Grisly Gourmet and Execute are great draws, especially if you are facing blue or purple decks.
Raj Sahae 8 months ago
Tried this deck last night, rank 6, won maybe 7 games in a row to get to rank 5. I had to replace/change the deck a bit as I don't have Sanctuary Raid or Cast Into Time, so I put in Divine Fervor and bumped some of the other cards up to 3 count. But overall a very well constructed deck. Will be interested to see how well it does for the next couple days.
2 Replies
lulzrawr 8 months ago
Thanks for the comment, I am glad it is working for you!
Raj Sahae 8 months ago
FYI I posted my version of the deck here 
, and with this deck I'm at rank 4, with what seems like a decent possibility of making rank 3 before the end of the season.
Robocard 8 months ago
Hi and thanks for the deck, really enjoying it!
Is there any room for silence cards so we may be able to use the characters we arrest? That is if silence works on permanenty shackled creatures?
1 Reply
lulzrawr 8 months ago
Hello, thanks for the comment. My opinion is that there is not room for a silence card to gain synergy with Arrest since that is a very situational use and the deck is not built around it, but if you find another way that works that is great. I often get interesting cards using the Thieves Guilt Shadowfoot and have occasionally silenced one of my shackled creatures.

There are a lot of removal options with this deck, I just try to use the removal cards strategically when possible. The Arrest card can often give you a useful card that benefits your own creatures, it can also be used on a Unique card to take it out of your opponent's deck and graveyard so he can't resurrect it.
i think this deck should be called bring me into battle
1 Reply
lulzrawr 8 months ago
hahaha sure call it whatever you want :)
This deck is quite fun to play. With a perfect draw (Something like word wall, call & trainer) you end up with a bunch of meaty bodies on the field at the end of turn 3. More usually, I find the deck works as full on removal control until you set up the perfect hand to flood the lanes and pound face.
1 Reply
lulzrawr 8 months ago
Precisely. Although it is not usually a perfect draw of course, the main thing is just getting as many creature cards as possible into play early and using removals to maintain board control as you hit face.

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