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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (Morrowind patch)
Crafting Cost: 14750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Hello Guys !I hope everyone is well on their way to the top of Legend! This season we have many new features. The new block brought us greater possibilities by improving the game making it most PRO (next to the MTG I would say). This deck was thought in the current meta where in turn 10 or 11 you take an infinite combo and die thinking "Man, what happened? " So, what to do? When you do not have all the cards of the game the best strategy is: Kill before being killed. That is the proposal of the deck.

The focus is to buy many cards with good body and finish with a Conscript in case the game goes to the Late game. Simple . In a short time you will be mastering the plotting skill which is fundamental to the best use of your resources. Do not worry about resets of the board, because you will always be recovering the losses with absolute speed.

As for Mulligan, look for one or two drops, it will be important to activate the plot and use the Haunted Mansion. I'm still creating a combo to put in the deck and anyone who has ideas is always welcome.
I hope everyone has fun playing, because my goal is always this since this month due to lack of time, I'm happy with an honorable rank 10. And the way the winrate is, I'll be there soon enough. See you too

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I started playin recently and i cannot soul summon conacription, would you recommend something else instead.

Love the deck having much fun with it.
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Welcome to TESL. I recommend one more Castelan, one Ash Berseker and one Earthbone Spiner or 3 Bruma Profiter. Keep climbing!
This deck is bonkers. I'm getting people conceding on turn 2 because I have a lane full of 2-power creatures. How is any control deck supposed to handle this?
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Haha that's the intention! The deck actually has very few bad matchups and is unstopable against Control. Sorry for not being able to play now at the end of the season (all the time for Magic The Gathering tournaments) but I'm glad everybody is having fun with this deck. Thanks!
dav0r 1 year ago
Hey man,

I like this deck a lot. I can still remember the first 20 runs with only 4 losses. But I'm still stuck in rank 4. Going from top to bottom, bottom to top.

I did make a change now. I added a mundus stone. And I must say it helps. The bigger drops getting charge or drain help. Getting rally helps. And not to forget, you summon a lot more creatures then a normal deck, so it gets it value a lot. Also, I have a journey to sovnegard also, because I don't have dawnbreaker.

I still lose to battle-mages who are faster, warrior is hard too but manageable. Controls can sometime be an issue when you don't draw enough cards, but it's rare.
I register just to say a big thank, was stuck in rank 4 from months and finally go rank 3 with your deck. Dont know how it works, but it works! And more, with a lot of fun ! Thank mate!
furryfurr 1 year ago
thx. really fun deck.. went to legend with only this deck 68% winrate in 63 games. struggling versus aggro crusader and prophecy battlemage,
Really Great Deck. The synergies here work great! and Believ it or not I don't use Dawnbreaker or Earthbone Spinner (As i Don't have them and am not a fan of Dawnbreaker anyways) and have tried a few cards and actually Skeever Infestation has played really well here.
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Well, since we can buy a lot of cards with this deck, maybe Infestation might work. Dawnbreaker is used in this list due to creatures with charge for a final rush or break a undead defensor (believe me, they are not few)
Listen, this deck is very good, for you see. I am an idiot. A fucking fool. Playing-Eastmarch-Crusader-before-breaking-a-rune FOOL. Playing a Plot card first, when I have 3 Nord Firebrands in my hand FOOL.

I am not a smart man, but with this deck, I am still unbeatable. Kudos, OP. You have given fools everywhere a gun to stand on.
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Haha best comment!
pgbarty 1 year ago
Really like your decks. What do you think about Sharp-eyed Ashkhan here? Or Jarl is better?
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Honestly, on the deck's proposal to be aggressive I prefer Jarl. We bought many cards, which can be a problem with Ashkan
Holoir 1 year ago
I’ll give this a try😀first time I get around to playing hlaluu after the morrowind release, as I usually favour control I thought I’d try and aggro.
Holoir 1 year ago
HOLY MOSES!!! Are you serious? This deck is performing just awesome, on rank 3, eeehhhrrrm, 2... thanks for sharing😄😄😋
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I don´t know how the deck is doing this month cause
I have not found time to play this season. Tonight I'm back on my way to the top. Good luck for us!
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