Mana Curve

0 3 17 9 9 2 6 4

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Ward 10
Prophecy 3
Rally 3
Slay 3
Guard 3
Lethal 3
Drain 3
Breakthrough 1
Regenerate 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Betray 0
Charge 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0
Plot 0
Last Gasp 0


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Emeric Conjuring

By: Lyra
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Posted: 7 months ago
Updated: 1 month ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 16550crystal
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Midrange deck playing around Mighty Conjuring.

2019 edit: I don't feel like modifying the following text since it explains most of the deck and the reasoning behind the cards I'm now swapping out. However Sixth House Amulet, Corrupted Shade, Ice Storm, and Conjuration Tutor have been removed in favour of Siege Catapult, Bleakcoast Troll, Conjuration Scholar, and Tel Vos Magister. Ultimately the old cards were good in the deck, but I find these new cards improve the deck's ability to mount threats regardless of draw.

Since the deck isn't obsessed with wards there's no need for Sixth House Amulet. If there's no Sixth House Amulet there's no point in running Corrupted Shade. Bleak Coast Troll is a simply better card in decks that don't have a plethora of ways to recycle ward or silence away its defect. Adding Siege Catapult gives a 9 mana combo from hand to summon a Lava Atronach with Mighty Conjuring, improving upon Vigilants' 10 mana combo. Of course it also allows for nice turn six plays like removing a threat with Lightning Bolt while developing Siege Catapult, creating the threat of playing Mighty Conjuring on curve. Furthermore Siege Catapult gives the deck a real early game threat, which it was otherwise lacking. And finally, it makes cards with awful bodies but decent on-summon effects potentially useful. Now Mages Guild Recruits and Wardcrafters who have done their job aren't simply wasting space on the board-- they strength the threat of the Siege Catapult by helping fill its lane enabling it to attack without a silence.

The deck may have been somewhat slower than conventional midrange Sorcerer decks, but I don't see that it's weak enough to warrant Ice Storm. As such I've removed it in favour of Tel Vos Magister, which in and of itself can be a threat to the enemy, has enough power to setup Mighty Conjuring the next turn and a ward to give it higher chances of sticking, and by creating a face-ward also has some defensive uses. The final card replacement was Conjuration Tutor for Scholar. Tutor is fine in theory, but it's too expensive to ever play single-turn combos of Tutor + any Atronach, and there's almost no chance the opponent will let it stick a turn for some neat double Lava Atronach shenanigans. Scholar on the other hand has both offensive and defensive capabilities, which helps cover up any vulnerabilities created by removing Ice Storm, and the Scholar herself can help unlock Siege Catapult by taking up space in a lane.

Original description:
The deck has a slew of unorthodox cards, and these are all present to help use and play around Mighty Conjuring.

Fabricate isn't a bad card in a midrange deck in a vacuum, because it's an easy card to either play early or play in midgame turns to finish out your mana (e.g. turn 5 you might have to play a Corrupted Shade then have 1 mana left over). The creatures it gives you can either help defend against a faster deck or close out a game against a slower deck. In this deck its primary function is to guarantee draw a 5+ power creature to help trigger Mighty Conjuring. This card also represents 1 of 2 sources of healing.

Ald Velothi Assassin isn't exactly unorthodox, but I just wanted to point ouut its primary function is in addition to providing a source of lethal for big targets, it can help Rally creatures into the 4-5+ power range to help trigger Mighty Conjuring. It's worth noting that just bumping something into 4 attack could be sufficient with the present of Sixth House Amulet. It's possible to swap this out for Barrow Stalker to be a little safer against aggressive decks.

Mages Guild Recruit is one of the more unorthodox creatures included. I really like including him in decks running Mighty Conjuring, in particular because since this deck has so many ways to put a 5 power creature into play as early as turn 3 (or 2 with Ring), having the possibility of playing a turn 5 (or 4 with Ring) Mighty Conjuring is a big deal. A turn 4-5 8-8 Guard Ward Breakthrough is a big deal if the enemy can't immediately remove it with Javelin, Cast Into Time, Edict of Azura, or Fell The Mighty. Having the option to reduce the cost of Ice Storm against an aggressive deck can turn a game around very quickly as well.

Vigilant of Stendarr is one of the least played cards in the game. It works here as a second source of a 3 mana 5 power creature to setup Mighty Conjuring. Note that Sixth House Amulet turns this into a real threat no longer removed by a single Firebolt or Black Hand Messenger, etc.

Little Girl is a funny card that works here for multiple reasons. First of all it's a potentially 4 cost 5-5. Secondly it's the deck's second and last source of healing. And last of all it will almost always get instantly removed before it Changes into Ageless Vampire, often drawing out powerful removal such as Javelin. Drawing out this removal is useful to protect the Lava Atronachs Mighty Conjuring will place later. And losing the Little Girl isn't a big deal for the deck since it still has so many other ways to setup Mighty Conjuring. If you don't believe in her or don't feel the need for healing you can swap her out for Bleakcoast Troll.

Conjuration Tutor is nice for the chance of a lategame double Lava Atronach, especially if Mages Guild Recruit reduces the cost of Mighty Conjuring. However I'm considering swapping this card out for Tel Vos Magister. Tutor is a pretty bad body for a 6 cost card, offers nothing on curve, and doesn't even guarantee additional Lava Atronachs depending on tempo and the draw. In theory a turn 11 (or 10 with Ring) or even turn 12 with Ring Tutor + Mighty Conjuring to instantly get a double Lava Atronach is nice, but that requires a lot of space in addition to some lucky draw order. I don't like playing around tactics which require the stars to align. By comparison, Tel Vos Magister is a good body with ward that offers protection against aggro. We'll see how the deck fares with further testing.

The deck usually plays pretty slow, since it doesn't include the conventionally strongest creatures of the class (Haunted Spirit, Young Mammoth, Bleakcoast Troll, Stronghold Eradicator). In spite of that, you can still maintain a decent board presence while you wait for the more aggressive pieces to fall together by using Ward to good effect. Usually your attack won't begin until you can get a Lava Atronach to stick.

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