Mana Curve

0 3 15 16 11 3 1 1

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Ward 10
Last Gasp 6
Guard 6
Rally 6
Breakthrough 4
Slay 3
Prophecy 3
Lethal 3
Drain 3
Charge 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Betray 0
Regenerate 0
Assemble 0
Plot 0
Exalt 0
Pilfer 0


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[Meme Challenge] Icarian Airlines

By: CooLT531
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Posted: 7 months ago
Updated: 7 months ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 18000crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Welcome to Icarian Airlines!

I do hope you are ready for the flight of your life, because we aim to reach legend rank by taking a shortcut through meme heaven. Please fasten your seatbelts, and read Captain Tarhiel's safety announcements below.

Changes to the deck and reasoning behind them will be tracked at the end. These changes might happen frequently.

Now if you're wondering wtf is going on, it all started on reddit. I asked our beloved community to name and vote for our most favourite meme cards, and I will build a deck around the winner and take it to legend rank. Falling Wizard and Spider Lair won this competition with a tie, and you are currently viewing what I've come up with our favourite Wood Elf wizard from Morrowind. A deck for Spider Lair is also coming up shortly!

First, to be successful with a meme, you have to understand it, think and feel like it, then commit to it. In case of Falling Wizard, it means two things: understanding his helpless 5-5 body falling to its doom, and the Experimental Scroll he leaves behind.

Lets look for cards that have any meaningful interaction with him without the Scroll. Those either prevent him from dying from his Summon, or get a bonus from it.

Preventing cards are: All Rally cards targeting him, Berserker of the Pale, Ancestor's Battleaxe (unreliable), Wrothgar Forge (unreliable), Summerset Shieldmage, Divine Fervor, Praetorian Commander, Bruma Armorer, East Empire Crafter, Galyn, Caius Cosades, Emperor Titus Mede, Lion Guard Strategist, Mundus Stone (unreliable).

Cards that get a bonus include: Feasting Vulture, Grim Champion, Disciple of Namira, Bloodline Outcast, Flesh Atronach.

Now looking at these from color perspective, we can see that red and green has pretty limited and mediocre options, leaving us choosing between adding yellow, purple or both to our existing blue. Furthermore, bonuses from Falling Wizard's death are also weak, either because the bonus is incremental, or the card that gets the bonus is not worth it. So lets focus on keeping the guy alive now.

Some of these preventing cards are better or worse than others, but they share one thing: Falling Wizard will likely survive as a 6-1 or 6-2, the exception is Lion Guard Strategist (and Ward granting Mundus Stone), in his case as a 5-5. The cost-stat distribution is, or similar to: 2 cost 6-1. Thats a very aggressive statline, with a very good ratio (highest ingame currently is Deranged Corprus, who is only a 5-1 on the owner's turn). So keeping the guy alive is only meaningful, if we aim to use him aggressively. Point noted.

Next up, lets check the Experimental Scroll. 4 cost, cast one action from three options randomly. The "deal 5 to both players" is easier to understand: purely aggressive, with some added benefit if we hit a Prophecy from our own rune.

The "give two keywords to all friendlies" is also easy: you'll need a board. You can have a board in 2 ways: many smaller creatures token style, or fewer but beefier creatures midrange style. But take note of the possible keywords that are being granted. For tokens, beneficial keywords are Rally and Lethal. All others are negligible (unless you have 6+ creatures), and it can be really hard to understand this. Lets use 2-1 creatures as token examples. Protecting a 2-1 with Ward is negligable, their immediate damage from Charge or life gain from Drain is minimal, Breakthrough, Regenerate have almost no effect. Guard value varies. For bigger creatures, it's almost the opposite: Ward, Charge, Drain, Breakthrough are very good, Regenerate and Rally are average, Lethal is negligible, Guard varies. In my opinion getting keywords on 2-3 bigger creatures are more beneficial than getting them on 6 smaller ones. But, there is also an important thing: you have to be ahead of your opponent to safely utilise this, or at even. If they are winning, then your board is most likely not strong enough to justify burning 4 magicka on Scroll lottery. Sure you can roll Drain or Ward on stuff, but if you roll "deal 5 to both", you likely just helped your opponent even more. How do you ensure you are ahead of your opponent on board? You play aggressively, with beefier creatures. Point noted.

The last 2 paragraphs about the Scroll should already outline a strategy. The third Scroll option reflects on a further important aspect: when to use the Scroll. Because the third option deals 2 to every enemy creature. You don't want to risk wasting 4 Magicka if this turns out to be the outcome. There are situations when you can afford to try, but generally losing 4 magicka tempo is considerable. Sometimes the potential upswing greatly outvalues the potential whiff. This takes time and practice to master. But generally, my rule of thumb is the following: play aggressively, but don't waste value. If the opponent contests your board, take value trades. If the opponent goes for a race, especially with low health creatures, get the Scroll ready, and fire away when you are still ahead. Then, all 3 outcomes are beneficial. If it deals 5 to both its a better Lightning Bolt. If you get 2 keywords each creature, some of them are bound to be very beneficial, thats like reversal double Mundus Stone. If it deals 2 to enemy creatures, thats a one sided double Fire Storm. Scroll is not bad if its RNG is all good, ey?:D This is why J'zargo gets to be co-pilot next to Tarhiel.

So what have we gathered thus far? Go for aggression, with beefier creatures if possible, available good second colors include yellow and purple. I think we all recognise the good ol' recipe for Midrange Sorcerer:)

Now we have to keep in mind, this is not going to be traditional Mid Sorc (we're playing memes, duh). The strategy is the same, but the deck needs more synergy with cards that make Falling Wizard viable. Lets take a go through them.

Rally cards:
Ald Velothi Assassin: Absolutely solid both in early and mid game, standalone good card.
Knight of Gnisis: Meh statline, adding the Trooper to hand actually makes targeting Falling Wizard with Rallies harder. But as I played around more and more with the deck, I decided to give him a chance.
Bal Isra Warrider: 3 power for a 5 cost creature in a deck that tries to be aggressive is very questionable.

Bruma Armorer: Horrible statline, needs a token shell to make him work. If he dies without buffing 2 creatures at least, he isn't worth it.

East Empire Crafter: Okay statline, makes any beefy creature a nightmare for an aggro opponent. Got included in earlier variants.

Galyn: Normally borderline ridiculous, here he is just above average. Normal 3 cost 3-3, with added benefit of luck-drawing a creature he buffed. Also has the ability to slightly alter the deck mid-game, so odds of drawing something good is better - i.e. shuffle in Barrow Stalkers against aggro, refuel against slower decks, but we shall not forget about Falling Wizard though:)

Caius Cosades: I consider him a Rally card in disguise. His Summon effect, if the guess is successful, is essentially a hand-sized Rally buff. Extra points for being among the meme candidates.

Emperor Titus Mede: His home is not in aggressive deck. Hell, he has trouble finding a home by default. No offense your highness, but we have enough memes rolling here already:)

Lion Guard Strategist: I'm not gonna lie, I tried to keep him to the last moment, and was really sad I had to give him a pass at the end. Warding beffy creatures is extremely beneficial, because they won't die to damage dealing actions or Lethals. But his statline is just too low, or his cost too high. If he was 3 cost, or had 3 power, I would include him in a heartbeat. In future tweaking he might come back, I'll try to sneak him in if I can feel I can get away with it.

Mundus Stone: I don't like the card. Has a 1/8 chance of saving Falling Wizard. Apart from that, the 4 cost is too much tempo sacrificed for an aggressive deck, even with good creatures. Needs much more Prophecies to justify thinking about it.

At the end, the included cards that prevent Falling Wizard's death turned out to be Rallies or Rally-like effects. East Empire Crafter was, and might be a viable option.

We can now start working with the traditional Mid Sorc shell:
Barrow Stalker: Premium 2-drop, can be switched out for Wind Keep SS or Dragontail Savior
Sorcerer's Negation: Absolute beast of a card, kills Daggerfall Mage, takes care of enemy Guards, Drains.
Dark Guardian: Excellent statline, versatile, provides much needed value from opponent Prophecies
Young Mammoth: Great cost/stats ratio.
Haunting Spirit: Almost no brainer, great in midrange decks.
Bleakcoast Troll: Like the two above combined.
Corrupted Shade: Powerful pressuring tool, its only weakness is if it's forced to trade.
Lightning Bolt: Prophecy, removal, reach. I don't think there are many blue decks that don't run 3 of these.
Shadowfen Priest: Silence on Guards/Drains is crucial, Support removal is neat but only secondary here, available saving tool for Corrupted Shade.
High King Emeric: He is a staple, even without much Ward synergy.
Ancano: Premium finisher.

To make the deck more consistent, we have many options to fill the rest of the cards in. To fulfill the meme destiny that has been set for it though, (at first) I went with the mono-purple-ish route, because the deck looked very close to mono purple already:) Stalwart Ally, Archein Elite and Stonehill Mammoth all had synergy with EEC, and hey, we have to protect our 6-1 Falling Wizards we worked so hard for! Other options include taking more cards from traditional Mid Sorc like Daggerfall Mage, Mystic Dragon, Royal Sage, Wind Keep SS, Shrieking Harpy, Wardcrafter, Elusive Schemer, Tel Vos Magister. The deck may change in this way if I hit a wall at rank 4, but for now, we live for the memes :)

Sorry for the long read, but I hope some of you guys enjoyed reading about some thoughts behind the creation of this monstrosity.

Edit #1: Added Wardcrafters and Wind Keep Spellswords due to formerly lacking consistent early game, plus them being generally great creatures. Stonehill Mammoths are not needed, because the Scrolls are our card draws, and Archein Elite proved to be too average.

Edit #2: I was wrong, we need more draws. Also the EEC and Stalwart Ally plan may need to go, need more games so I can adjust the deck correctly.

Edit #3: I had to change the deck quite a bit. It just didn't have enough draw to sustain aggression against control decks, and aggro decks just beat it down, regardless of EEC. Plus EEC granting Guard to Falling Wizard was proved to be counter productive, as just a Firebrand could kill him. So I added in Knights of Gnisis, because they can keep Wizards alive, and can also provide a little refuel. That small Tropper comes in more handy and flexibly than finding combos for EEC when we desperately need a Guard. Mudcrab Merchants replaces Wind Keeps as early game because they also refuel. I have thought about Schemers, but they seem just a bit too slow. Adding Daggerfall Mages due to their sheer power and draw side effect was kinda inevitable. And because more blue and neutral cards got introduced, keeping Stalwart Ally seemed pointless sadly:( I truly wish we could keep him, but with the original idea, getting just to rank 4 would taken quite a while... But, at least I could still maintain the Falling Wizard supporting theme, also with Caius to boot, while adding other beloved faces like Mudcrab Merchant:) I hope this can at least get us to rank 3 now.

Enjoy your flight with Icarian Airlines! <3

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Played a few games, was good times lol :)
1 Reply
CooLT531 7 months ago
Thanks a lot for recording those Justin, I am honored :)
Ashenveal 7 months ago
I added in some almalexia's disciples to counter the EEC and it was pretty fun time, wasn't very productive, but I won a few games!
1 Reply
CooLT531 7 months ago
Almalexia's Disciples are very underrated imo:) Good choice for healing up Wizards and everything else if needed.
Played a few games fun to play but hard to win
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