Oh Canada!

By: KoolioYo
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 22650crystal
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Note: This is a for fun deck and trying to keep it Canadian, but plays as a shackle deck... let me explain.

Arrow in the knee - how canadian drunken night end up
Deepwood Trapper - like our beavers in deepwood
Scout's Report - Our News teams, letting us know canadian and other world issues
Ungolim the Listener - Like Justin Treudea always listening
A night to Remember - Our Beers help keep us warm
Shrieking Harpy - Our shriekingly angry Canadian geese
Sly Marshblade - Our central canadian's living in the marshes
Sorcerer's Negation - some of our internet issues we have
Blackrose Herbalist - Our cannabis distributor
Dark Guardian - the dark side of protecting our politics
Giant Bat - Out on the lakes, we definately have bats
Mummify - keeping warn through the winter
Sanctuary Pet - we have spiders too
Varanis Courier - Our Canada Post Mailing system
Young Mammoth - Some of our normal wildlife
Dres Tormentor - our Canadian Revenue Agency and how it feel like paying tax
Elusive Schemer - The party not in power in politics at times
High Hrothgar - Looks like Quebec City to me
Lightning Bolt - some of a freak weather
Nix-Hound - looks like our mosquito's
Ring Of Imaginary Might - How it feels when someone gets voted in
Giant Snake - There's snake pits up in Gimli, Manitoba
Shadowfen Priest - The dude in charge of the churches/synagogue's whatever
Sun-in-shadow - How early it gets dark in the winter and how its still a normal day
Winter's Grasp - yes... we have crazy winters (-40 to +40 through the year)
Ice Storm - MORE WINTER!
Icewing Dragon - one badass Canadian Goose (about the right size too)
Wilds Incarnate - MOOSE!
Frost Giant - Our winter BIG CRAZY wildlife
Red Bramman - How it feels taking back our power from the government
Odahviin - Our forest fires in the mid/west almost every summer

I've hope you've enjoyed/learned something from this explanation of what it's like in Canada.

Remember, keep it canadian yo! Good luck on ladder.

Note: This deck is still in the works in hopefully getting it working.

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Dude, I love the idea and the humor in card choice and description. Still giggling...
**There's a moose loose aboot the hoose**
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