[Warpmeta #49 1st place] Fervor Control Tribunal

By: Thuldir
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Posted: 5 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 27300crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

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Arkar47 5 months ago
Any thoughts on Rayvat / Tavyar?
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Thuldir 5 months ago
Those guys are certainly not bad. They do a lot of things you want in a control deck and can certainly fit in here as well. Against aggro they can lock out a game and against control they require several resources from your opponent to answer.
Since they are weaker on curve (than other defensive cards against aggro), do not draw cards (which is more important against control) and I already have a ton of 4-drops and 5-drops, I did not include them in the deck.
Imalka Muthuk... 5 months ago
deck doesn't feel good against mid sorc and stuff.
Why Parturnaks?
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Thuldir 4 months ago
It is only 1 deck slot for adding another win condition to the deck. Paarthurnax threatens infinite recursion with Soul Tear. He is a great tool for those long and drawn-out control mirrors (ecspecially if the opponent has support removal and/or Cast Into Time/Pearcing Twilight to deal with your main win conditions Shrine, Fervor and Necromancer + Galyn). Paarthurnax provides a good proactive target for Laaneth as well.
Lynxiano 4 months ago
Thank you for sharing this deck, it is such a refreshing take on Tribunal Control - at least for me - and I'm having a lot of fun and success with it. The meta is all Silence Mid-Sorc or some big graveyard play right now - if I see one more Squish Ramp Warrior...

So Memory Wraith and Hallowed Deathpriest have just been flat out winning games for me with this deck and are my new favorite cards. Seeing Deathpriest wrap his bandages around Tazkad or Paarth or Odhaviing is so satisfying and game changing. It's so good I sometimes Galyn my Deathpriest.

Thadon is amazing too. When you drop him in the field lane (especially when you already control it) it changes everything your opponent wants to do. They spend the next several turns trying to claim that lane, forgoing all whatever their previous plans were. And, if you've saved hard removal... it's a real pivot point in a lot of my games.

I am finding an occasional overdraw. Maybe drop 1 Namira for an additional Memory Wraith or Deathpriest? Or another Piercing Twilight?

Anyway, thanks again. +1!
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Thuldir 4 months ago
Great to hear that you are enjoying the deck and having success with it.

About your questions:
- Keep in mind that this list was for a tournament where I was expecting more aggressive decks than control. When I play Tribunal on the ladder these days, I'm definitely rocking all 3 Deathpriests as well.
- I would not cut a Shrine from the deck, because they are such a key part of the deck. I would even run more than 3 if I could. Those games where you can run into overdraw issues you are likely to win anyway, but if your Shrines are hiding in the bottom of the deck or your opponent had removal for the first one or two you desperately want all 3 copies.
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