Discard and Summon

By: 홍찬영
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 2 weeks ago
Up to date (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 30400crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Xuck banish :(

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Very low on discard, why no Mastermind and Camel?
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All of those cards were used. But it is weak in the beginning. So I got advice from users. They advised me to remove the dis card card and put a mana growth card and a card that showed an early strength.
Ah, here it is, I’ve played against this deck before! Very cleverly crafted! Thanks for sharing 😉👍🏻
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홍찬영 2 weeks ago
oh thanks for the comment. Now, instead of Mundus Stone, I'm using an 8-cost action wave of fallen. :)
ucarenya 1 week ago
for the endgame card, Divayty, Atromancer(which I prefer), or iron Atro? Flesh golem for some late spice?
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