Roar to Legend! Hard synergizing Wolf spam Deck

By: Jarzarro
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 14950crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Edit: Doing Great so far after some changes - Dont be afraid to loose some HP - the comeback Potential is insane - so far even can control Aggro - and if this deck is about to show its full potential its unstopable!

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Rank Games: 7 WINS 1 Loss

Non-Rank Wins:

Examples of Board-control:

Would like to get some helpfull suggest!

The only real Core Card is "Conjurer' Spirit"
Do not roll it away if u have it on your Starthand and play it asap.

Every other Cards can be replaced, playing other cards included. Playing this Deck should feel smooth. Beside high mana Cost cards in early turns nothing should interrupt this smooth feeling.
Most of the Card draws should give you the feeling of :" exactly what i need right now"

Besides the nice combo, mentioned by Caffiend, you can win by just out controlling and spamming and boosting.

Be shure to leave a like - if you like it ;) and help me improve this Deck

In-depth-guide will follow: ---

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Really funny and nice Deck
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Thanks :)
Hey Jarzarro, great deck. A couple of suggestions i have would be to play Golden Initiate, Ring of Namira and Ebonheart Oracle.
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Im so glad to see someone answers on this :). I really like to talk about it.
When i build this deck with the deckbuilder - i did it with a good friend and we both decided to take out "golden initiate" because we nearly have 0 prophecy Cards included and just for the 3/3 drain for 3 we didnt thought its "worth" enough.
Also because we had to cut the Deck from 74 Cards to a maximum of the minimum ;) (50 Cards) - The former full 74 Card list included following Cards:

74 Card start reduced by:

VORACIOUS SPRIGGAN 3x->71 (Core) 1M - (Reduced number by 1)
SnakeTooth Rausnehmen 3x -> 68 (Core) 2M (deleted completly)
Feasting Hunger 3x -> 65 (HoM) 3M (deleted completly)
Vivec City Pilgrim 3x -> 62 ( HoM) 2/5M (deleted completly)
Golden Initiate 3x -> 59 (IoM) 3M (deleted completly)
Penitus Oculatus 3x -> 56 (DB) 3M (Stayed in the Deck - just love it so much)
Brynjolf 1x -> 55 (HoS) 5M Stayed - Awesome Syn. but my friend hates it
Clockwork Scorpion 3x --> 52 (CoC) 6M (deleted completly)
Moonlight 3x --> 49 (Core) 4M

let me check out the Cards you mentioned
Ring of Namira seems pretty Strong also for the Lategame.
We also talked about Ebonheart Oracle before - but so far we had no life issues and it seems we just dont need it - maybe we Cut one Card from 3x to 2x and put it in.
The reason i mentioned Ebonheart is because of the combo potential it has with Ring of Namira. Seeing as Ebonheart doubles your healing, it also doubles the damage dealt by Ring of Namira. Picture this: Undying Dragon at 10/10 swings at opponent, deals 10 damage, but you gain 20 health and Namira deals 20 damage. Pretty hype or no?
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i really loved combo based decks - like i used to play alot of swift monk.
The problem with this Combo decks is even if they are fun 10/10 - if ur core cards get destroyed ur chances to win get plummet.

Thats why i tryed to build something related on synergize - and even if u delet 50% of the cards this still can work - i guess - anyway i updated the deck - including the cards you mentioned - replaying 1 Dragon and 1 Agent. But still let got the golden initiate.
Prophecy is just not a thing for this deck - and including the cards you mentioned alrdy slowed the deck down a bit.
Fast board control helps alot - also if u can spawn wolfes with the giant bat at anytime
What about Burma profiteer? Great synergy with conjure and also P.O.M. he is especially useful in jacking protector up while continuously triggering conjure spirit
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good suggest!

i didnt take any cards to gain health without attacking the opponent so far (for example health potion).
But this also offers a nice body for 2 mana.
Ill guess i swap out the Fith legion trainer - in about 40 matches i played this card has not a lot of impact and was just there to distract the enemy from the real buisiness
Apaseman 2 days ago
I’m attempting to build this deck, put together what I had and made the Conjurer spirits that are core. I know I’m missing a few others that I need but wanted to play the decks basic idea before committing to get a feel. It’s definitely fun but I struggle against control decks especially with a lot of guard cards, and seem to run out of cards a lot faster than my opponent despite adding cards that give me a draw.


Added most every card sans a few legendaries that I can’t craft thusfar but replaced them with some I had. This is definitely a fun deck, and while there is some luck on the draws it can certainly come back from games I honestly thought were certain defeats. The synergies it has can be a force. My only struggle is lack of control (other than sheer trading) that it has and a few times resources can run thin with little to no extra card draws, however with the wolves being summoned by conjures spirit and wolf cage it gets negated to an extent.

Another problem is little to no real early game but again, this allows cards to build up to plan and introduce some combo synergies be it drain or a pack of wolves. I can honestly imagine your opponent face when you go from little threat to a significant presence in a single sometimes 2 turns after they have watched your health deplete and thought they had you on the ropes. As you stated, strong comeback potential forcing your opponent to go in to reaction mode after their initial plan has hit a crossroads. However many games I lose as an aggressive start by the other player can stifle the play.

There are definitely more core cards to this than conjures spirit. I feel the deck actually needs most of the cards to feel the synergies happen. Ring of Namira is brutal! It essentiall doubles the damage dealt directly to opponents face by a drain card, and the gain to your own life is just icing in the cake. It also acts as an improved breakthrough for any drain card. I just all but won a game by hitting the face with a drain character of 8 (dealing 16 damage and gaining 8 for a net of 24 points. All that was left st that point was to hit any character of choice with a drain character to finish off. Crazy good combo opportunities here so Id say the ring is a core element.

Another would be all the wolf cards so the pack synergy can happen.

One note is from my experience card draw is a major factor to success in the beginning. If I don’t get what I need early it’s an uphill battle. Currently I’m about 50/50 win/lose. I’ll take some credit on a little loss as maybe could have made better decisions.

Cards I have substituted since I don’t have them:

Sails through storms which puts another card from our deck in play
Moonlight warebat for drain
Brignjolf for drain and bonus Magicka when drain is used.

Love to see some more discussion on this deck you did a nice job with the synergies.

——update 2———-

Deck doesn’t work as well as it started for me. Lose more often than win, too slow in beginning, lack of extra cards, and too dependent on drawing the right cards at right times. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun, but I lose 2 to every win. Gonna take a look at what cards I can sacrifice to present a little more control, card gain and early game to attempt to refine. Possibly it’s the few legendaries that I’m missing but I don’t believe that’s it as they are high Magicka and by that time I. The game if the synergies haven’t presented themselves I don’t see them as a tide turner but I could be wrong.

Also I’m potentially playing the deck incorrectly, but all too often my key card gets silenced, shackled, or destroyed and takes me out of the synergies. Or the opponent has too much in the lanes and spending 6 Magicka to throw down a wolf cage is only viable if I have enough bodies in lanes myself as the wolf it spawns only gets value in that way. This is just an example of it not being a cakewalk to create the synergies.

Love some advice as I feel the deck is very fun to play and when it works it works it just isn’t working more than it is. Obviously I enjoy the deck as I’m putting in the efforts here to gain insights and share my thoughts. Perhaps you will still be presenting the guide you said was coming?

Lots of fun, thanks for the deck!

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