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By: Talilover
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Posted: 2 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 12800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Which is worse? Having a card stolen...or having a creature banished?

I dunno let's just do both.

See this deck is all about not letting your opponent play the game as much as possible, either by stealing there cards or by banishing them...because it's a feature. Bonus points if you beat them with an overpowered card that you stole from them...not like they can call you cheap for using right?

Cards that would probably skyrocket this deck to new levels of fun but I don't have enough crystals to unlock:
Soul Shred ThAnKs fOr thE NeW BaLAnced CaRd SpaRkgUys!
Chodala's Treachery More straight up stealing creatures your opponent busted their tail to play...noice.
Therana Heck even I can't bring myself to use this card...props to you tho if you can stoop that low

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