Red Deck Wins...EVOLVED!!! (78% WR Rank 5-LEGEND)

By: Trunks0426
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 19950crystal
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What's up Legends!!! Trunks here again with yet another Aggro deck. This Aggro Guildsworn! The name of this deck comes from the Aggro Crusader deck that got me to Legend last season...Red Deck Wins!!! So the evolution in this deck comes from the addition of Intelligence. Intelligence allows this deck to trade a little bit better with the addition of Wardcrafter...slow down certain creatures with Shrieking Harpy...and burst a lot more with Sentinel Battlemace and Lightning Bolt. So you're kinda sacrificing consistency by adding 25 more exchange for a better late game. Whereas with Crusader...if you're slowed down within the first few turns you kinda run out of gas. Now I haven't tested this deck as much as I did Red Deck Wins...but the few games I did in Casual felt extremely solid. So I will be taking it on the ladder and I'm sure some changes will follow. If you guys play it please feel free to suggest any changes you would make!!! See you on the ladder!!!

*UPDATE* Deck is currently 16-4 from Rank 5 to Rank 3 with a 80% winrate. Feels all around solid against everything except maybe heavy Control. The Golden Initiates were the perfect solution to combat against faster Aggro decks.

*6/14/19 UPDATE*-Just hit Legend guys!!! This deck did absolutely amazing overall. The most recent changes are all credited to EndoZoa. I went into his stream and he was doing a deck doctor and I showed him my previous deck and he made all the changes you see now. He switched out quite a bit of cards so that the deck can fight for Field Lane a lot better and have a better matchup against Control with the additions of Withered Hand Cultists!

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DK Swiss 5 months ago
Looks solid but I’d probably look to add withered hand cultist
Yeah I had a couple in the deck DK Swiss...but I just kept coming across a lot of Aggro and it just slowed me down without slowing my opponent down. It's definitely a viable option if that's what you keep facing...but I just keep seeing a lot of Aggro and that's why I swapped them out for the Golden Initiates!
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