Berserker Rage (LEGEND)

By: XnefariousX
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Posted: 2 months ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 13400crystal
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I am having fun laddering with this deck. The games are quick without the monotonous grind of a typically aggro deck. This deck comes from behind to take a game regularly, and the occasional combo of Berserker and Mulaamnir brings a smile to my face!!

Early game:
Just bounce around your lethal creatures and use Shadow Shift, Archer's Gambit, and Quicksilver Crossbow to kill early threats. Try to ping down the opponents life, and control the board while not giving up card advantage (easy right!).
VS Aggro:
Use your lethal creatures and lane change abilities to wreck havoc on their burst. Try to minimize their card draw (Crusader's Assault, Cornerclub Gambler). Threat removal comes before card draw. I worry less about Cornerclub Gambler on turn 3 than removing or slowing down their creatures. I also push out most of my cards vs Aggro early and mid game (unless an Ice Storm is possible). If you can get Astrid on the board and stockpile a couple completed contracts, the fun starts much earlier. Once mid game comes around you start to get your combos and life is good! Torval Extortionist is a great ramp card especially with a Berserker on the Board (8/6 Breakthrough that refreshes your mana...) Do not sleep on Naryu, she has won multiple games for me. Mid to late game, you are looking for your Rage. Depending on the situation, I may hold a Berserker at this point...
VS Control:
Always drop your Gambler on turn 3 when you can. If not, try to bait away their removal with other threats. Ward can be a problem, so be aware of the exchanges it presents. Hold your Beserker until you can combo it with another card, or if they have used up their removal. You want to get their life down to 15-20 range by the time you hit 8-12 Mana. This should put you in a position for critical.

As always I am looking to make this deck better. I would appreciate your suggestions. I would love to find a way to add Brotherhood Slayer for Prophecy and Completed Contract but cannot figure out what to sub out.


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jollyjoes 2 months ago
Wow, some sweet idea here :)
I would def consider Fork for draw, seeing as you are capable of playing Archers Gambit post-nerf.
Spoils is never a bad card for me, but not sure it is at its best here?
Love the idea with Berserker into Extortionist :) Come to think of it, Extortionist also seems to help Spoils, seeing as you can pay almost full cost for spoils and still have juice to play the cards you draw.
You're already too stacked at 3, so I'm not sure Slayer is ever going to fit :) 3 slot problem aside, Cyriel might get lucky and give you a 6-cost Mulaamnir every 50 games or so...
No room for Brynjolf or Razum?
Sails-Through-Storms does chime with the Crossbow and Gambit, as well as the 5 power thing, just throwing that out there :)
Anyway, big +1
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I originally had Sails instead of Naryu, I feel like she has more turn 6 potential than Sails because you can drop her then give your creatures +1/+1 and lethal. The problem with Sails is you need 9 mana to drop and get a use out of him. Otherwise you are preying for them to not have any removal on turn 6... which is rarely the case. Naryu combos with the lethal already in the deck, she also combos with the breakthrough, and with Mulaamnir if she is on the board when he drops. I love the idea of Fork, but its another 3 drop... and what do I take out? This deck already can run into a creature problem against heavy removal. I have thought about taking out the Improvised Weapons (actually have been running a version without them) but it is actually pretty rare that I do not get a exchange out of them, or discard them with gambler. They also add to that turn 8 rage kill when I have not been able to keep a Berserker on the board. Currently the deck that kills this is the spellsword weenie that is being run by like everyone... which is a problem once you get down on the ladder. Thank you for the suggestions.

alexej.strelz... 2 months ago
Love this deck, well done :D
Berserker + Torval + Rage -> FTW!!!

I switched Stormcloak Vanguard with Mournhold Traitor to put more pressure on the opponent from the beginning. Also, when he dies you have another target for rage ;-)
+ Cyriel instead one Gambler - got me a Extortionist in round 3 (Cyriel + Crossbow ;-))
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I like the switch out for Stormclock, I am going to try that. Cyril was deff on my list of wants I will try her out as well. Thank you for the suggestions.

Thanks for sharing, and will give this a whirl. This deck looks like an upgrade of the rage archer deck I played a year ago.
I wanted to play a non-purple rage deck for a long time, but my personal attempts at buildng one always turned out clumsy, so I dropped the idea. Last night I noticed this list in top decks and gave it a go and - wow! - it turned out to be a very entertaining deck with high skill ceiling, fun and interactive gameplay.

Thank you very much for your effort!

P.S. It just so happens that the only card from this list that I crafted is Ungolim, my first crafted legendary, the rest are from booster packs (where applicable). That's kinda cool :)
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