By: cosmicfunkjuice
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Posted: 1 month ago
Updated: 14 hours ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 13800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Based on TDC Jason's Uprising Scout.

This deck seems decently strong in the MoE meta. Bad matchups are Dagoth and any deck with a proper aggro plan. Tribunal is much weaker against this deck with Cast into Time nerf. Alfiq Battlemage is not a bad matchup with a good draw. Deck still has a hard time against graveyard hate.

Changes to TDC Jason's version:
3 Ald Velothi Assassin out for Odahviing, 1 additional Merchant's Camel, and 1 Shadowfen Priest.
3 Indoril Mastermind's out for 2 Tree Minders and 1 Mushroom Tower

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