Expertise Invasion

By: Tanjim Alam Say...
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Posted: 1 week ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 11800crystal
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Looks worth a try, unlike other decks here that in a glance you can see that is not good.
But why that 9 dragon card? It does not combo with anyother card in the deck.
I am sure “forces of invasion” will be much better. It costs only 1 more mana and it will combo with all expertises, being an action, and it will also combo with anything that reacts to a invade action, and the daedra it will summon will combo obviously with the gate.
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I use Frostscale Dragon to mostly get rid of those pesky guards that prevent you from winning this turn. It also gives you a little bit of board control. If steered correctly, this deck should let you win anywhere between 6-8 turn. Also, by the time you can cast Forces of Destruction, your board will always be more or less filled with creatures. So I feel like it would be a waste of potential.
However, feel free to sub that for the dragon and try Forces out. Maybe you'll have a better luck at it.
Another card that may be worth considering adding to the deck is that orc that invades when when equiped with an item, and summoning him also gives you a 1 cost item. So this item he gices you will combo with all expertises, and he also combos with the other items in the deck
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Tbh, I don't have that card, so I haven't really tried it out. Since this one played nicely, didn't really bother to change the deck.
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