Necro Shout Combo Control With Guide

By: RobbySin
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 22400crystal
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Hi guys, Robby here with a detailed guide for the best scout deck I’ve ever played. This beast can and does go toe to toe with anything on the ladder, and tends to come out on top.

Strategy against Aggro

Opening hand: Look for Fighter’s guild recruit and Giant bats.

Early game: Make efficient trades and use your removal to keep the board clear and build card advantage.

Mid game: Start setting your combo’s up while maintaining board control using Shearpoint combos, Murkwater scourge, and Vipers. Thorn Histmage mage does a great job protecting your life total, making trades and ramping towards late game. You can target him with Necromancer to repeat this. Giant bats are great targets for Galyn and Necromancer if you’re behind. If you’ve done a good job keeping the board clear and building card advantage, use Galyn to combo with buffed Necromancers or Paarthurnax for late game domination.

Late game: This is where you decimate your opposition. By this point you should have both card and boardstate advantage. Continue to remove your opponents board while building your own until you can safely push your win condition of choice (detailed later).

Strategy against control

Opening hand: Look for Thieves guild recruits, Galyn and Indoril masterminds.

Early game: You can play this one of two ways, depending on your hand and how your opponent is playing. You can either A) Play control and hope to build card advantage or B) Play as the aggressor and start slowly chipping away at the opponents life total. This deck can actually play fairly aggressively against other control opponents. Be careful however not to dump your hand and give them massive card advantage. Just chip away slowly while building your combos.

Mid game: Focus on creating value for the late game. Targeting Necromancer with Galyn is your best play. This lets you target Galyn later with a buffed Necromancer to create infinite buffed Necromancers or target your other high value targets like Paarthurnax, Gray Fox, Mecinar, Tazkad, Razum or Red bramman depending on the opponent.

Late game: If you’ve been playing Control, continue responding to your opponents threats while building your board. Wait for a win condition and strike. If you’ve been playing aggressively, continue to push damage and look to resummon buffed Charge creatures to push damage while using removal to clear threats and guards.

Win conditions: Your main win conditions are using graveyard interaction to repeat Paarthurnax to create insane value, and using Soul tears and Galyn to create armies of terrifyingly large bats and Tazkad.

Shearpoint combos: Shearpoint + Three feather will kill any single target, even while warded. Shearpoint + Banelord will kill an entire enemy lane. Both Three feather and Banelord can be targeted by Necromancer.

Tech choices: This deck is tuned to beef up against other control matchups. It already does very cell against aggressive opponents.

Gray Fox- Incredible against control, allowing you to steal their resources and choose a high value card.

Razum- Generates card advantage and lets you know what the opponent is drawing. Allows you to play more aggressively while on the field.

Mecinar- Can completely disrupt your opponent’s strategy. If you high roll a Giant bat or Tazkad combo it is insane. Very fun to play.

Mushroom tower- Combine with card draw and shouts for stupid late game value.

I’m always open to feedback or suggestions. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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