Sithis Sorcerer

By: inezz
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 4 days ago
Up to date (DarkBrotherhood patch)
Crafting Cost: 15750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Hi, some people asked me wether i could upload this decklist again. So here it is.
I reached #1 legend with it multiple times this season.

If there are any questions feel free to ask me here. And if you like the deck also feel free to upvote it.

UPDATE 26.04.2017:
I also strongly recommend to check out this Sorcerer list. The meta became faster again so this one may work better for some of you.

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Genjei 1 week ago
Nice deck, works incredibly well
1 Reply
inezz 1 week ago
Thank you.
Zach Me 1 week ago
Great looking deck. Just got my third daggerfall mage from level 32, and I think I want to play sorcerer. Are there any good budget replacements for High King Emeric, Bone Colossus, or Supreme Atromancer? Thanks.
1 Reply
inezz 1 week ago
You can not replace Atromancers. Emeric is also hard to replace because his powerlevel is very high, but i would say stronghold eradicator is the closest replacement. Bone Colossus is not that important. Put in something with big stats.
mcmayuhhhnn 1 week ago
how do you have 3+ of some of the uniques listed?
sorry if I'm missing something, just recently started playing. But I thought you could only use one copy of a unique per deck?
1 Reply
inezz 1 week ago
Not all legendaries are unique. Only the ones with the orb in the middle top are unique as High King Emeric.
Ah, I see. thanks dude
Nice di...deck :O
Hey inezz,
Thanks for sharing your Deck. I am new to the game and appreciate any help I can get.
Do you think that sithis is worth the slot? Did he Play out well so far?
1 Reply
inezz 5 days ago
It heavily depends on the meta. He can skrew up your opponents important turns, but it feels so bad to play him on an empty board against any willpower deck. Also Red can flip him back on your hand on turn 8+. So keep that in mind and play many small threads first. The good part is that 5 attack are quite good and 6 hp is lightning bolt proove.
indy101 6 days ago
Best replacement for Bone Colossus? I put Nahagliiv?

Can you quickly go over the main combos for the deck?

- Wrath of Sithis (do I try to place two at once? Does this just mainly screw up opponents draw math?)
- High King Emeric (obviously just try to place when I have a bunch of Wards in play?)
- Automancer (any best time to play this? Or just place as soon as you can when you are up on the board?)

Do you play this as a control type deck or more aggressive?

2 Replies
I'm not the OP but I find it's often hard to find a wrong time on turn 9 to play Automancer. (The Dr. Boom rule)

Wrath of SIthis can buy you an extra turn from somone being able to board clear. If your unbalanced and it's turn 7 versus yellow, then it shuts down dawns wrath, or unstoppable rage versus red. If you can play it such that it can't be killed on board.
inezz 5 days ago
Wrath of Sithis - Nah, just drop him on curve or when you want to deny something special from your opponent.

High King Emeric - Emeric is so hard to deal with, don't wait too long to play him. He's the strongest on curve on turn 6. Even when you only do 2 damage just drop him when you can kill a creature with the 2 damage. In that case even when he gets removed he traded 2 for 1. Against aggro he clears plus is a thread.

Automancer - The best time is to play her when you dont die the next turn. Against ice storm decks it could be betetr to get daggerfallmages or stornhelm champions out before you play the atromance. So you wont lose your whole tempo.

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